• Uncharted

  • Halo

24% 4 votes
76% 13 votes
  • Halo is just a fun and excitement game! It hasn't got old since the beginning!

  • Why? Simple really... The story. Very deep, engaging and emotional story that spawned many novels to make a truly unique and engaging universe. Plus the multiplayer that MLG played the most. Plus the Award winning soundtrack. And every thing else (Forge, Custom Games, Theater, Firefight, Spartan Ops, Red Vs Blue, Forward Unto Dawn, Halo Legends, Arby 'n' the Chief, Best Vehicular Controls in any FPS etc,). Balanced and skill based multiplayer. Great gameplay (sandbox battles, vehicles etc.). In conclusion: Halo has much more to offer and appeals to a wide variety of gamers from people who love to get engaged with an expansive well written universe and varied sandbox plus corridor arena's co-operatively or alone (Campaign) to hardcore MLG players (MLG, Team Doubles, Team S.W.A.T playlists) to casual gamers (social big team, action sack playlists) to creative gamers who like to mess around and create literally anything in FORGE to people who love making montages, machinima's (Theater mode).

  • uncharted is just terrible

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