Upgrade to debate.Org (read desctription)

Posted by: Cold-Mind

There should be option of choosing categories to be displayed on site (in the personalization, in settings). People who want all categories would still have all checked, so it would be the same for them. People who don't like art or fashion or movies, etc would not be bothered by posts they don't like.

  • I want debate.Org to make this upgrade

  • I don't care

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50% 3 votes
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TheBathead says2014-05-21T19:03:49.9971681-05:00
Do you have anyway of getting this implemented?
Cold-Mind says2014-05-22T02:32:05.1601789-05:00
@TheBathead I guess I could write the code, but I don't have address, username and pass for ftp.

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