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USA Is The Strongest

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PericIes says2015-08-23T05:38:42.2593049Z
How do you mean weak? The answer really depends on that. For example, the U.S., being a melting pot, has a weaker cultural self-identity than, say, Italy, where almost everyone is of Italian descent, Catholic, speaks Italian, etc. So that's an example of one way that the U.S. is weak. It is strong, though, too, in that it is, at least for now, the world's military, political, cultural, and economic hegemon.
Adam2isback says2015-08-23T06:42:34.9676955Z
Intellectually yes -- stupidity reigns free. How many "Denmark never had a colonial empire" types exist today? SO DAMN MANY! HAHAHAAH Only in the US does stupid remarks get rewawded. Because so many are only concerned with what's on TV.
PericIes says2015-08-23T08:03:43.6130132Z
I'm from the U.S., and I recognize that Denmark not only had, but still has a colonial empire. :P
Adam2isback says2015-08-23T13:14:08.7568647Z
*rewarded Pericles I understand. I still believe America has its former greatness in it. It's time we start giving our kids a good education. Not a pothead. And I absolutely agree. They still have troops on the goddamn island of Greenland.
biggest_pro_going says2015-08-23T13:49:11.3787767Z
Its got $18 trillion in debt that's pretty Weak. Also about half the US spends each year is debt so when all you US people boast about the US's great military spending you should remember the US cant actually afford it with out borrowing money. The USA has lots of Money but not as much as all the people like to think. If the US payed all its debt it economy would be a staggering 1 trillion (less than Australia).
Anonymous says2015-08-23T17:12:53.1708582Z
@biggest_pro_going That's not how it works. If the US paid all it's debt the economy would expand. And so would everyone's. And then inflation happens. You're forgetting that the money is owed to SOMEONE. It doesn't just magically disappear when it gets paid off.
biggest_pro_going says2015-08-23T17:18:47.8750617Z
If that was the case then why is the US keeping 18triilon dollars of possible expansion??? You say "You're forgetting that the money is owed to SOMEONE" your right BUT im not sure what your point is as unless the US owes its Debt to itself it doesn't matter. (If the US gave China the 3 trillion dollars it owes it then how will this make the US get stronger?)
biggest_pro_going says2015-08-23T17:19:01.0261989Z
What the noob are u talking about
Anonymous says2015-08-23T17:52:23.9804556Z
The majority of debt is owed to parties inside the country. And I don't think you understand how paying debt back works. If we paid it all off right now, everything (and I mean everything) would collapse (we're the reserve currency). So it would never happen. OWING debt to China makes our dollar stronger than their currency, so we can import more from them. We get cheap goods, they get money. They get more jobs, and that's the only downside. Still, we are mainly a service-based economy, so it doesn't matter too much. Finally, you need to understand that debt/credit is inherently money creation. It grows the global economy. Too much=inflation, but that just hasn't been a problem in the last 30 years. Money is being created every time interest is paid. Sorry if I'm not explaining this well, it's a lot of info. I recommend going on Coursera or some other MOOC provider and taking some macroeconomics courses - that's how I learned most of this stuff.
brianjustin3709 says2015-08-24T06:03:06.5391402Z
Us is the strongest because they help South Korea to fight with North Korea
Emilrose says2015-08-24T23:35:28.2558881Z
Wow, Adam2isback actually got something right for a change.
Adam2isback says2015-08-25T03:50:34.3650013Z
Emilrose What did I get right, girl?
ramm55 says2015-08-26T18:58:01.1072839Z
The US is weak in spirit, soul, mind health and pride.
ramm55 says2015-08-27T18:22:10.2128763Z
Idoubtit that is an unimpressive and uninformed observation of the last seven years. Clearly you rely on innuendo not facts to guide your limited knowledge and life.

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