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lailadag says2017-03-11T17:21:31.9299084Z
A dystopia is an envisioned place or realm in which everything is corrupt or disturbing, usually a totalitarian or dehumanized society. The inverse of a dystopia is an ideal world or Utopia. A dystopian society can develop amongst different communities and societies. Dystopias are distinctive from other societies. Usually, the protagonist or lead character feels like there is no way to escape the reality they are in and/or questions everything they are meant to believe. Some of the dystopian characteristics include: The absence of a government or the presence of a controlling one, brainwashed people or forced conformity, huge gaps between the rich and poor, and most importantly the lack of personal privacy and freedom. Some or all of these qualities embody a dystopian society. Throughout history many successful and failed capitalist societies have instigated. Capitalism is a financial and governmental system where a country’s dealings and transactions are administered by private owners for financial gain. Capitalist countries are advanced and economic growth is a norm, however it emphasizes profit and so consumption is an issue. There are many components that make capitalism unalike to other political system like the part between two classes of people (the working class and the private owners), organizations’ sole existence is to make a profit, the non-stop manufacturing and purchase of produce for such an industrialist economy to work effectively. If said components are amplified- if the gap between two classes of people is further divided, if the excessive production is expunging resources, and if money is making the society superficial then the society immediately changes into a dystopian society. Communism was once one of the most successful political system, its zenith was during the late 1800s until the mid 1990s. Communism is a system in which all possessions is owned by the community and every individual contributes to get necessities according to the needs and capacity. Communism strongly expresses equality and makes services such as medical care, education and employment attainable to everyone. But, communism also hinders personal development and growth because it dictates people, it also does not give individuals financial freedom. Communist societies can develop into dystopian societies if corrupt government officials take advantage of the people’s money, which has happened before. Also, if the lack of freedom financially and/or otherwise is exaggerated the communist society will develop into a dystopian one. In closing, any society can metamorphose into a dystopian one. Everything including political systems are flawed and if augmented will work against everyone’s’ favor. Whatever characteristics that capitalist and communist societies lack or have in excess will manifest when inflated.

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