• Video games

  • Homework

86% 37 votes
14% 6 votes
  • I Hate Homework! And I hate Parents who destroys their Kids Electronics!

  • Video games-it's fun. You are not forced to do it. There's a big variety to choose from. It's a good form of entertainment. Homework-it's boring. It's stressful and causes anxiety. Kids are forced to do it. Teachers assign too much homework because they want to. It's a form of stress.

  • Homework is just a fucking annoyance, Kids already work through school, When they get home they want to relax and decompress not do more fucking work.

  • "yOuR bRaIn wIlL rOtT pLaYiNg vIdoer geujmes" No it won't, Infact: homework rots my brain. 30 minutes into homework and the text becomes slurry. I don't even have dyslexia Also, Homework can too be addictive through major stress. Parents, It's YOUR responsibility to not make kids addicted to video-games, Not the game itself, Maybe actually learn to parent instead of destroying kids electronics

  • Well, I assume this is a very childish debate, But homework really is harmful in many ways. At least, The homework I grew up doing in the American education system. It's designed to systematically beat the creativity out of you, To be a better factory worker. The education system is designed for an industrial revolution era, Not the creative times of today.

  • You're already at school for 8 hours, You don't need to go home and do more schoolwork

  • grrrrrrrrr

  • because homework is just boring and video games are better

  • homework kills the brain and my organs

  • Homework may not be as fun or stress-reducing as video games, But they are crucial to further ingraining topics and subjects learned during the school day. Yes, Some schools out there distribute homework extremely poorly, Valuing quantity over quality, But overall homework is good for you. Furthermore, Video games are known to easily become addictive and could lead to problems like laziness and procrastination, Which could grow into becoming overweight, Losing your social life, Becoming depressed and losing a work ethic. Video games are great, But in abundance they can breed future problems that can hold a student back from reaching their full potential.

  • you will rot your brain and go blind at 35 if you play games all your life. School study suffer and you will get fat and turn into a social path awkward nurd with no life. Games are evil and will take over your brain. You are already a zombie in the making

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