• Virtue ethics

  • Utilitarianism

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Juan_Pablo says2014-05-15T21:21:32.9314427-05:00
Both are valuable. But I think the only model of Virtue Ethics that can be utilized realistically is one that is wholly compatible with Utilitarianism; that's why I selected Utilitarianism as my option.
Juan_Pablo says2014-05-15T21:41:07.0353046-05:00
Correction: "...The only model of Virtue Ethics that can be applied realistically and effectively..." Because of the teleological requirement placed on Virtue Ethics (what is the ultimately goal of mankind? What is the purpose of life?), this was of establishing ethical behavior is pointless (how can we determine what he purpose of life is?) unless we make it compatible with what human societies demand and want, which is pleasure and happiness. That's why I argue that the only model of Virtue Ethics that is utilizable in our world is one that is completely compatible with Utilitarian philosophy!
Formerland1 says2014-06-15T22:54:46.6777309-05:00
Utilitarianism is more efficient and helps more people it is the best choice

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