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  • bolshevik 1/4 jews commie

    Posted by: heil61
  • Smart man and definetelly could have helped russia. But, today, no no no. CApatilism is awesome

  • He was a communist and was responsible for the ruining of Russia. I do agree that the former Russian regime was inefficient and totalitarian but the next was worse, and Stalin made it still worse. Russia could have become 10 times more powerful than the U.S. by now if the initial revolution was in favor of capitalism. The vast resources and land of Russia could have been exploited correctly and privatization could have been enacted in the 1920s. But Communism won in Russia and the U.S. is most powerful (this is better for me anyway).

  • Not the biggest fan of the abolition of classes.

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heil61 says2015-04-30T15:20:12.5416722-05:00
I thought he started the red terror and stalin was just finishing up his job
debate_power says2015-04-30T15:33:03.5448556-05:00
Definitely DID help Russia, comparatively speaking.
debate_power says2015-04-30T15:40:48.6417845-05:00
Yeah, themightyindividual, if not for Stalin then all of Lenin's ideas might have been realized. If all of Lenin's ideas had been somehow realized, then gays would have rights, Jews would have rights, there would be universal public education, membership in the USSR would have been entirely voluntary and soviets could leave by majoritarian vote, property use would be entirely utilitarian and would first help the majority of all people, there would have been direct democracy in a councillory manner in which elected leaders could be removed by vote at any time, etc, etc...
debate_power says2015-04-30T15:41:44.6990222-05:00
He didn't ruin Russia, he actually comparatively aided it. Would you have preferred to live in the Russian Empire as an average citizen or in the USSR as an average citizen?
heil61 says2015-04-30T18:45:20.2400182-05:00
I think he meant communism ruined russia
debate_power says2015-05-02T11:48:03.7719642-05:00
What communism? Communism is not single-party dictatorship with supremely centralized authority, and Lenin, whose April Theses I read a while ago, agreed with Karl Marx that communism was represented by the end of withering away of the state after what they both considered the intermediate socialist phase.

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