• Waffles

  • Pancakes

47% 20 votes
53% 23 votes
  • Finally, a poll that actually means something to me! Mmmm...waffles smothered in butter and Boysenberry syrup. Waffles would beat the crap out of pancakes in a cage match...someone call Dana White.

  • Waffles are simply amazing. Waffles taste better, look better, and are better in so many ways, shapes, and forms. Waffles even have dividers in them to store syrup, which is AMAZING!!! Not to mention the satisfying crunch when biting into one, which pancakes don't have. You can also stack waffles higher because they don't slide like pancakes. Pancakes also occasionally get wet and mushy, while waffles don't. Waffles also go with more things Chicken and Waffles, Waffle Sandwiches, Waffles ala mode, Waffle tacos, funfetti waffles, the list goes on and on! All I got to say is Waffles are superior to pancakes.


  • Ok so first of all WAFFLES are so much better than pancakes. I do like both, but here is why waffles are better. 1) Pancakes are floppy and absorb all the syrup before u even get to eat it. Then, you have to waste half a bottle of syrup on it. 2) Pancakes are practically waffles. They have similar ingredients. Also, its just waffles but in a pan instead or a waffle iron. 3) Like everyone says WAFFLES HAVE ABS! That's how they hold their syrup in place! HAHA anyway this is just a joke kind of. 4) Waffles can stack higher than pancakes because the edges dont sink down and slide. 5) Everyone says u can put chocolate chips or fruit in pancakes. You can put it in waffles too!!! All u have to do is add it to the batter! 6)Waffles have squares in them to organize and divide the syrup evenly among the waffle. Now u can taste syrup throughout ur waffle! 7) Its actually easier to drag a waffle across ur plate because pancakes are more dense, which make them more heavy where waffles have gaps in them that make them lighter. 8) You can probably make waffle balls just substitute waffles batter for the pancake batter. 9) waffles have portion sizes which is good for people who are trying to count their calories. 10) Pancakes have a different taste each time they are reheated They taste soggier, are harder to swallow, and the fruit in it doesn't taste as fresh. With Belgium waffles all u need to do is put it in a toaster and they taste fresh again. 11) Speaking about pancakes, they are harder to chew where waffles are easier to chew and digest. 12) Waffles can be eaten with anything. Like chicken and waffles or waffle sandwiches or waffle tacos, etc. 13) They have a ice cream cone named after them! There is no such thing as a pancake cone! They even have different sizes of them and even have chocolate coved ones. 14) Pancakes and ice cream are just not a thing. But waffles and ice cream are! 15) Last but not least everything can be put in a waffle iron now these days. Have you seen the millions of recipes for it? They have it for brownies, cookies, omelets, cake batter, and so many other things now. This is 15 reasons why waffles are so much better than pancakes!

  • pancakes just taste way better than waffles to me

  • they are fluffy and sweet with syrup

  • there's too much variance with waffle quality. sometimes the waffle is good, but sometimes its too crunchy or it's some crappy frozen waffle. pancakes are consistently OK or good, though occasionally there is a great waffle... but that usually doesn't happen.

  • Waffles, Waffles, Waffles. Here are 13 reasons why pancakes are better than waffles: 1. Pancakes can and should be stacked for maximum enjoyment. Who stacks waffles? 2. It's encouraged to eat tons of pancakes at the same time. Not as socially acceptable to eat three or more waffles. 3. With pancakes you get that special syrup drip allll the way down the sides, but with waffles, it just kind of pools there. 4. Pancakes are FAR superior for add-ins. Chocolate chips, bananas, pecans, etc. Waffles don’t play that game nearly as well. 5. You need a special iron for waffles and it’s so hard to clean. So high maintenance. 6. You can make pancakes over a campfire and enjoy them in the great outdoors. 7. You can make pancake balls but not waffle balls. 8. Pancakes are flat and therefore better for when you want to drag them all the way across your plate to soak up syrup. 9. It’s impossible to spread butter on top of a waffle, but with pancakes it’s oh so smooth. 10. Pancakes are like fluffy carbohydrate pillows. You’d definitely lie down on a pancake before you’d lie down on a waffle. 11. Cultures around the world enjoy different types of pancakes, but waffles are pretty much Belgian. 12. You can make pancakes in different shapes and sizes, but with waffles, there’s no creativity allowed. 13. The largest pancake was almost 50 feet wide. The largest waffle was only 8 feet wide. Get Shreked Waffles


  • it taste better.

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This is an important subject!
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