• The Walking Dead

  • Breaking Bad

59% 54 votes
41% 37 votes
  • Way better

  • No comment needed.

  • like Leo_Ascendent said no comment needed way freaking better

    Posted by: redsox
  • This show sucked me in right away, and while I appreciate the novelty of Brian Cranston's character (I love B.C. by the way) turning from a protagonist into an antagonist and showing how his life of crime has changed him, I like Rick Grimes more as an overall character. I like the fact that it is obvious how much the post-apocalyptic world has affected him, but that he still maintains his morals, his ideals, and most importantly his humanity. He would be someone to look up to in the Walking Dead universe, whereas Walter White would be someone you'd want to stay away from at all costs. I'm not saying that the Walking Dead is factually a better show, I just personally like it more.

  • I like breaking ad to but I think its has less views because its less popular

  • Breaking bad is a very good show but I personally like walking dead more. Walking dead drags in my attention a lot more than breaking bad. Like episode 1 of breaking bad I didn't really like and wanted to stop watching it but ppl we're telling me it was really good so I kept watching it and it got really good as time went on. Where as right in episode 1 of the walking dead I was hooked and loved it. Plus I love daryl and Rick. And when you really like the cast of a show the show becomes a lot more intense and interesting.

  • walking dead is better breaking bad is so boring

  • this is so much more thrilling and exciting and chandler riggs to look at all day who wouldn't love that and cute baby judith lets not forget the love between all these people Rick,Darl,Maggie,Glenn there people you would want to see every week on a new episode dont get me wrong but this show is so much better.WALKER STALKER

  • There is no question Breaking Bad is the better show.

  • it's just great.

    Posted by: venell
  • Breaking bad is okay but soooooooooo boring as one episode is dedicated to Walter catching a fly.

  • Philosophical intriguing, deeply intelligent characters and themes, and epic violence shape AMC's The Walking Dead. While in no way comparable to the greatness of it's comic book predecessor, the television adaptation is still a work of genius. It's not a mindless zombie thriller, but rather a thoughtful and intelligent query on the fate of humanity in a world where humanity becomes a hindrance. Some characters survive off of strength and determination, like Michonne. Some rely on their brains, like Eugene. Groups of strangers forced to reconcile their past lives and adopt a new way of living; forced to find a sense of family with complete strangers. It's a beautiful concept and a great series. Breaking Bad is phenomenal in writing and plot, but I don't believe the characters are as interesting (besides Walter) and I don't find it as intellectually interesting

  • TWD has its best and worst episodes i agree on that but talk about bb’s acting and writing better than twd? Seriously? BB is a simple movie that would come and go in a tv channel and people wouldnt even notice cause its boring and not appealing until you realize whats the deal about. . Twd alwaya hooks you up whether it be with immense action or the zombies. . Though it sucks in respect to the comic, It still ia better show than bb. . I watched bb and twd is not the overrated show but its bb. . TWD isnt overrated, It earned its likes and dislikes at the same time from viewers. .

    Posted by: Aashey
  • Alright, There is no debate. I don’t care about reviews. Walking Dead is is better written, And is by the most successful show to date. For the record Breaking Bad is an excellent show. Great acting, Cinematography, Acting, And the story is compelling and easier to understand unlike Walking Dead. However, Vince Gilligan was very inconsistent with writing. Very frustrating. I could make a list of little things he could have done that would’ve made the show hit its full potential. The Walking Dead on the other hand, Has managed to make something out of nothing. Make new stories every season. Writers are forced to think of new ideas.

    Posted by: ArmanK
  • There is no question Breaking Bad is the better show. The Walking Dead had a great first episode, but it QUICKLY went downhill after that. Season Two was a steaming pile of crap and Season Three wasn't great either and had the worst finale. The Walking Dead is severely overrated, and a pretty terrible show. Breaking Bad is consistently excellent. The writing is top-notch and the acting is superb.

  • Best show I have seen in years....The only show I like more is Doctor Who. And The Walking Dead has poor writing sometimes...

  • The cinematography, writing, and acting in 'Breaking Bad' beat 'The Walking Dead' by a landslide. I can understand TWD having a little more votes, but to be winning 69-31 is just ridiculous.

    Posted by: Werdna
  • Best show on tv

  • Breaking bad is for a more intelligence audience, walking dead is all like "LETS GO KILL SOME ZOMBIES WOOHOO!!"

  • Breaking Bad has a deeper story about consequences and greed, it also deals with moral decisions of people. It also has better lead and supporting actors, Bryan Cranston, and Aaron Paul. The Walking Dead is not that interesting or every episode is the same. Kill zombies, find new hide out. Breaking Bad has more depth and better writers. Better Actors, and supporting actors. Better story and show. Totally crushes The Walking Dead by a long shot.

  • ftw

  • Much better.

    Posted by: gorz
  • Loved Breaking Bad, so devastated it ended.

  • Way better story. The Walking Dead is just a soap opera with the occasional zombie every 5 episodes.

  • Not that I like Breaking Bad, I just really hate The Walking Dead.

  • breaking bad is plain and simple, the greatest show i have ever seen. The walking dead had its run, but it isnt consistent. Breaking bad is everything you could ever ask for in a tv show.

  • Look, guys, I'm a fan of both shows. To be honest, Breaking Bad turned out to be one of the most interesting shows I've ever seen, and it didn't have any "bad" episodes. The breakdown of Walking Dead episodes is either sometimes boring and confusing at the same time. Like seriously you can combine 2 episodes at one time instead of moving into a new setting each episode in Season 7. The depth of character development is obviously better in Breaking Bad. Also, the endings of BB of each season always left off to wonder what's going to happen. Can you believe that people like me actually hated and became a shithole during Season 2 and 3? What I love about Breaking bad is that EVERY DEATH MATTERS NO MATTER WTF HAPPENS.

  • Not even comparable. Breaking Bad has far superior acting, cinematography and dialogue. The story is more interesting and original, and the walking dead is just fucking repetitive. All of the characters are annoying and make retarded decisions. This should not be a debate.

  • Amazing show. Better character development and more intense

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Kennn says2018-02-26T22:06:40.4908965Z
Breaking Bad is far better than The Walking Dead. When I watched the first couple of seasons of The Walking Dead I really enjoyed it and there were definitely a lot of shocking scenes. When they killed off Shane that's what really pissed me off cause I feel like Shane was one of the most people that made the show actually hype. Around the middle of season 3 that's when I began to think wow this season isn't as good as the other 2. Then I finished 3 and went on to Season 4 and that season didn't get any better. Then I went on to Season 5. Season 5 was even worse. I began to think this show is getting even worse and worse. Then now I'm all the way down to mid Season 8 and I was right. This show is getting worse and worse in my opinion. It's very slow, they take up too much time just talking, so many dark scenes in dark rooms which really bored me out, and besides all that the show just kept getting more obvious. After all the show hasn't ended yet so it might get better soon who knows. So far Breaking Bad is 10x better in my opinion, because the show starts off slow with a nice family man who is a highschool chemistry teacher getting diagnosed with cancer turning into a deranged meth manufacturer who partners up with a lot of criminals without want his family to know along with his brother in law being a DEA agent. So if u ask me Breaking Bad only got better and better. Every episode in Breaking Bad had my eyes glued to the TV screen being excited for every scene of the show unlike the Walking Dead were I couldn't stand watching after season 4. Breaking Bad also had alot of character changes. Alot of the characters changed from season 1 to season 5 especially Walter going from a protagonist in season 1 to being the main Antagonist in Season 5 with a bald head and a goatee. I would recommend Breaking Bad to anyone that hasn't seen it. I've already watched the series in order over 4 times and it's my favorite. Every episode starts amazing and ends amazing. Yeah so that's why Breaking Bad is far better than Walking Dead in my opinion

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