Posted by: pozessed

This should be interesting. Is Walmart overall bad or good for the world?

  • Good

  • Bad

44% 12 votes
56% 15 votes
  • Though Wal-Mart does have major pitfalls, However the progress in its industries should not go unrecognized. They have much responsibility as a company and could make better social decisions IMO. Overall I think they have done and will do great things. Especially if they can find a better balance of saving and employing.

  • They've done an outstanding job at providing a wide scope of goods at a price that almost everyone can afford. Walmart is awesome!

  • With my basic understanding in economics. Cheaper quality goods means more money in general for everyone to spend.

    Posted by: Fronic
  • WalMart ownership is composed of individual stockholders, and its return on investment is in the area of 6% and of course it's goal is to make money for its owners. It's personnel policies are competitive and it brings low cost goods. It's true that private shop owners may lose business when Walmart builds a new store, but we also use lightbulbs instead of candles.

    Posted by: jgm835
  • Targets...

    Posted by: yay842
  • That's so true. People love Wal-Mart, I personally hate it.

    Posted by: leojm
  • Walmart is evil and makes their employees go on welfare.

  • Exploitative, monopolising, inequitable

  • It's bad for me at least to see all those people with their muffintops spillin over on my shopping cart.

  • Wal-Mart is not about beating the competition, it is about destroying the competition.

  • dangerous place, numerous people killed in their parking lots and no security, plus they attract horrible drivers

  • Walmart is the worst, most despicable company on Earth. The amount they pay their workers is appalling, how much they have siphoned out of the American company to China is cruel to their patrons, and how greedy the owners show just how evil this corporation is.

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1817974 says2013-09-24T22:13:11.3975162-05:00
Walmart treats their workers like crap

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