War Scenario 10 (I'm Back, not that you noticed :P)

Posted by: dbushwacker

You are a drone pilot, you're sitting back in the States checking your monitors before you get the green light to take out a HVT. You have been watching your target for half an hour when you notice a car driving up a road toward his location, it stops outside the target's home and out steps three young children and a woman, and after a few more moments you come to the conclusion that this is his family. Not long afterwards you get the green light and you inform HQ about the change in the situation, but you

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You know your duty, you know what scum that you hunt, and you know that you might not get another chance. You understand that you could be saving more lives in the long run than you would if you take four more now.
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You wait, perhaps you can catch the HVT alone and away from his family. You could lose him, but on the other hand you could also be saving the lives of his family.
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You Can't Take it Anymore

You hated this job from the beginning, its despicable. And so you reach into a drawer that you keep close at hand and grab your sidearm, and start loading 9mm rounds into the clip.
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Ignore Orders

You can't do it, as time ticks by and you do still do nothing HQ calls and you ignore their commands. You will not be responsible for taking the lives of innocent women and children.
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dbushwacker says2015-04-06T14:46:24.9507316-05:00
...Are still go. What do you do?
dbushwacker says2015-04-06T14:46:42.9245078-05:00
Sorry, put too much into the poll description.
Mathgeekjoe says2015-04-06T18:26:45.6779364-05:00
How many missiles do you have?
dbushwacker says2015-04-07T08:36:02.1347108-05:00
Just the one, only authorized one because that's all they believe you need to take out one man. :p

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