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JamesTeranov says2015-08-07T15:34:40.6902420Z
Hyperthermicreaper what are you on about "not so much"?????? Halo has many ways to play. Let me explain: Halo - Again despite the fact Halo perfected an FPS formula for console and many other games including cod used it as a blue print, if you will, not that many games to this day can beat it's fluid gameplay. Sure it has the best vehicular controls in any FPS (Far Cry 3 a close second). Lets see you have VARIETY. Not only is it a corridor shooter like cod but it is also a SANDBOX shooter (wide open combat with many different ways to advance), open vehicular combat, SKULLS (great way to change things up) plus more like the co-op split-screen to 4 players over XBOX Live. NOT ONLY THAT: Halo has more variety in it's gameplay: You can do everything cod does plus more. Not only is Halo a corridor shooter it is a sandbox shooter too (Large open battles areas). No two battles is alike. Halo is known for it's infamous "30 seconds of fun"... Ergo every 30 secs something new happens. Go in all guns blazing. Stay back and snipe. Or in Co-op do them both. Use a vehicle warthog with your co-op as driver/gunner Use a mongoose/Ghost/ Wraith/ Banshee. Sandbox Battles (wide open spaces) Many, Many different ways to advance and attack using strategies applied while playing with a brother or friend etc. Halo: CE's enemy A.I is one of the best A.I. In any game and still does. They change things up. They flank you. They run away if their leader is dead etc. PLUS SKULLS. You get skulls to change the gameplay ij the campaign up. To make it harder. LASTLY Halo's MULTIPLAYER gameplay requires more skill, strategic thinking, map control, precise aiming and (sometimes teamwork). Say if a person shoots at you first you have time, if skilled enough, you can overcome the odds and kill him. Not who sees who first. Hence the shields.

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