Was 9/11 an inside job?

Posted by: Vere_Mendacium

No= you believe the 9/11 Commission (merely by M.E. Terrorists) vs Yes=you believe it/they were staged

  • NO

  • YES

74% 14 votes
26% 5 votes
  • I hate all these polls.

  • The evidence supporting the terrorism case is sound. Admissions by Al-Qaeda support the evidence. Their is a lack of any conspiratorial evidence and the idea that it was an inside job is patently absurd.

    Posted by: cpbm
  • Evidence, no more needs to be said.

  • If you actually think it was set up by the government, you're un-American and should be deported.

  • no planes at pentagon or PA, building 7 implosion, black box inconsistencies, ect...

  • No, Islamic fundamentalists truly hate us and are willing to die to hurt us, that is a fact. Whether or not our "intelligence" systems knew it was coming is unknown, but it wasn't planned here.

  • If government knew real terrorist attack will be done, they would not try to prevent it. It doesn't have to be inside job at all.

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Vere_Mendacium says2014-10-17T03:50:47.1273812-05:00
A plethora of evidence is out there, for both sides.. The difference is that the 'official' evidence doesn't hold water, while the counter evidence is much more compelling.
BenevolentPeace says2014-11-25T08:55:23.1132732-06:00
I love how proponents (that 9/11 was what the government chalked it up be) are trying to base their arguments off of 'evidence' that makes little sense, if any sense at all. Not only that, but they are so small brained, they think ANYONE that disagrees with the 'official' story are "unamerican". People like that are a f***ing joke. I.E. Jackkenny25,

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