Was Andrew Breitbart Effective in Exposing Media Bias?

Posted by: TheOpinionist

  • Yes

  • No

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  • Yes! Andrew Breitbart was very familiar with how the media operated. He knew which stories they would try to hide or downplay. He knew what would force them to show a story. He knew Alinsky tactics like the back of his hand. All of those factors allowed him to very effectively take on the Democratic-media-complex. He knew what they were going to do with the ACORN story so he played it out slowly while showing how they don't practice unbiased investigative journalism. The left hated him a lot. He was a hero.

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MakeSensePeopleDont says2015-06-28T10:32:29.0016397-05:00
What constitutes "Effective in exposing media bias"? If effective means showing the world even if they don't want to see it then yes. However, if the key definer here is convincing the public of media bias, then it would be "EH....Maybe...Depends who you ask.
TheOpinionist says2015-06-28T14:50:42.8150065-05:00
There are some minds that you can't change. He did expose bias that was not known about before

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