Was Bastille Day in Nice France attack another Hoax?

Posted by: BirdieMachine

Watch the dummies- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8WMyblPpjds&t=0s

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triangle.128k says2016-07-15T20:08:59.8779275Z
The bastille day attacks are an obama lie created by the satanic illuminati!
BirdieMachine says2016-07-15T22:59:43.3247902Z
You are correct triangle.128k. The video with mannequins is even too obvious for 5 year olds.
Edlvsjd says2016-07-16T03:36:05.8285018Z
He's sarcastic, and dumbed down at that
Black-Jesus says2016-07-16T06:49:49.6152355Z
@BirdieMachine, are you a troll? Firstly, Obama couldn't possibly have orchestrated the attack. Second, there is no satanic Illuminati, and, even if there is, they would not have nearly enough power because that is ridiculous. Third, those weren't obviously mannequins to a 5 year old because they have convinced millions of people that are mostly above 5 years old and there's good reason for that: where the official story has mountains of evidence, you have none because the "proof" you do have looks a lot like squinting at computer screens and complaining it doesn't LOOK right to you.
BirdieMachine says2016-07-20T19:15:01.1091937Z
You have done zero research Black-Jesus. Watch that first video, look at the mannequins you fool. How anyone over 5 could think that is real is a friggin moron beyond help. You need serious mental help.
Throwback says2016-07-20T19:20:32.9613093Z
For those who think it a hoax, can you please explain how the entirety of mankind is duped by these things that never happened, even when they witness them themselves and render first aid to survivors? How is it that every military operation is in danger of being exposed by loose talk to the enemy, but no one in any of the numerous, massive, public hoaxes ever says anything? There is a childish ignorance at work for those who won't accept these thing really do happen.
Black-Jesus says2016-07-20T19:37:51.9835813Z
@BirdieMachine, I did do research, you jackass. All evidence I found indicates that I'm right. The only evidence I could find was videos like the one you put in the description, and that's not evidence. If that is evidence, then the more people that think it looks like authentic dead bodies would be the correct side, which means I'm correct.
Black-Jesus says2016-07-20T19:54:17.6914999Z
@BirdieMachine, you know what my problem with you paranoid schizophrenics are? You take stories that make sense, and make sense because the motives make sense, mountains of evidence back them up and there are sometimes millions and millions of people to back up the narrative in a uniform manner and you try to disprove them with fuzzy video footage. You have no evidence! If you had evidence you would've provided it instead of some stupid video that proves nothing or at least provided it instead of telling me to do research in the comments! In order to convince people who aren't mentally ill, like the majority of the population, you need to both discredit the evidence put forth by those that are propagating the official story, and that means discrediting the eyewitness evidence of the thousands of people in Nice, discrediting the emergency workers, discrediting all the physical evidence they have and all the videos of the event and inputting your evidence, and your evidence must hold up. You have done none of this. Not only have you failed to discredit the evidence put forth against you, but have failed to provide any substantive evidence to the contrary: hell, you haven't even provided a motive that makes any logical sense whatsoever! For the sake of God, prove what you're saying is accurate and I'll believe you. I don't believe everything I'm told from the government, so stop acting like you're superior because you're "awake." You just like to use terms like that and speak like that because you like to feel better than everyone else for your stupid beliefs. You are making the positive claim that the event was a hoax, now act like an adult who has two brain cells to rub together and prove it. Prove it and if I can't riddle your proof with a million holes, then I'll believe you.
Throwback says2016-07-20T20:15:45.2170053Z
Black-Jesus, you will never convince him. I am already growing weary of the people on this site who are immune to the truth and facts. I mistakenly thought it was a site for intelligent people of differing beliefs could debate with candor, in search of knowledge. I have quickly been disillusioned of that belief. There are a lot of people here who simply argue what they don't even believe for argument's sake, and there are the ones described above. In either case, I see no value in debating them.
Black-Jesus says2016-07-20T20:20:08.7002422Z
Yeah, I know. But, I don't think there's anything wrong with debating for positions you don't even hold as long as it's in the spirit of healthy debate, instead of just trolling. I mean, right now, I'm debating against a Christian about whether or not God exists, but I'm arguing for God and he's defending atheism.
BirdieMachine says2016-07-20T20:37:07.4836638Z
It's called signing non-disclosure agreements and so what if some people know the truth, the Media is in on it so you don't have a voice to speak out anyways unless you say what they want. It's really simple to control the News.
BirdieMachine says2016-07-20T21:38:50.6182201Z
If you haven't watched the video of the mannequins yet and cannot tell they are grey/white mannequins or stuffed dummies made from fabric. Get a bigger computer screen. What do you want me to say? Are you so brainwashed you can't see fake dead people that are plastic and fabric dolls??
Throwback says2016-07-20T22:32:53.8656174Z
@BirdieMachine....I have seen an awful lot of dead bodies in my life. You know as well as I do those poor people were real. I'm not engaging you anymore. I find neither ignorance nor feigned ignorance entertaining.
Black-Jesus says2016-07-21T01:21:11.1909930Z
I concur with Throwback. If you really have no evidence yet want to continue to believe your conspiracy theory, then I guess there is nothing I can do or at least nothing I care enough to do.
Edlvsjd says2016-07-21T05:39:40.8108454Z
Can you people that believe this crap explain to me how the truck, though riddled with bullet holes, is completely clean? No blood at all, not even on the tires. Please tell me you don't believe a truck can now over 80+ people and not get a drop of blood anywhere on it? Https://news.Vice.Com/article/everything-we-know-so-far-about-the-bastille-day-truck-attack-in-nice-france
Edlvsjd says2016-07-21T05:44:19.7094332Z
I'm not sure about you, but thats enough evidence for me.
Edlvsjd says2016-07-21T05:49:06.5201280Z
"I find neither ignorance nor feigned ignorance entertaining." I find yours hilarious. Research indeed, took me 5 minutes to find this evidence. Sheeple.
Black-Jesus says2016-07-21T05:54:01.8739650Z
@Edlvsjd, there is no evidence that (a) the truck hadn't been cleaned, though that is doubtful. But also, if you hadn't noticed in that photo, the hood and grill have been removed, and that is the part plowing into people. And I can only see a tiny bit of the tires, not enough to tell if they have blood on them.
Edlvsjd says2016-07-21T05:59:03.7359000Z
Lol@ they washed the truck, eighty people only hit the center/grill that was conveniently removed (4wut?) and Zion into the truck on a proper screen. Or just deny and remain ignorant, idgaf.I gave you substantial evidence, and you deny.
Edlvsjd says2016-07-21T06:01:45.4621367Z
As you said, If you really don't believe evidence yet want to continue to believe governments and mainstream, then I guess there is nothing I can do or at least nothing I care enough to do.
Black-Jesus says2016-07-21T06:05:41.7412513Z
@Edlvsjd, I'm just going to respond and hope I understood what you just said. Yes, they would've only hit the front: truck was going forward. I didn't say they washed it, I even said it was doubtful. Why remove the cover? Any reason, idk, think of one: they wanted to inspect the machinery, they removed it for evidence. This is not substantial evidence. What? Are the people who orchestrated this simultaneously smart enough to dupe thousands but stupid enough to not put fake blood on the truck that they riddled with bullets to make it look like it hit 80+ people and was shot at? You see how this makes no logical sense, right? Of course you don't. Oh, btw, I extended the voting period of that debate to a month for you.
Edlvsjd says2016-07-21T06:05:42.3808554Z
Keep wondering why "tinfoil hats" are popping up everywhere. You'll wake up soon enough, hopefully you'll do it soon enough to wake those around you up. They just keep getting s loppier every time.
Edlvsjd says2016-07-21T06:07:51.0348801Z
Lmao@they washed the truck!
Edlvsjd says2016-07-21T06:08:56.5240999Z
Fluoride much?
Black-Jesus says2016-07-21T06:09:25.2467646Z
Are you okay? Are you having trouble reading? Call 911, if you can understand this sentence.
Black-Jesus says2016-07-21T06:11:28.5938747Z
Are you alright? Need to take a breather? If you are having trouble reading and you can understand this, call 911. Unless, of course, emergency respondents are part of the satanic illuminati
Black-Jesus says2016-07-21T06:24:07.4281293Z
I didn't mean to repost that sentence in two different ways, my bad.
BirdieMachine says2016-07-21T06:40:34.8222684Z
Black-Jesus and Throwback, If you won't spend 30 seconds to watch the video for proof then you are a sheep. I will also have to consider you either a troll or shill, maybe both. I won't accept incompetence for ignorance.
Edlvsjd says2016-07-21T06:53:00.0701073Z
Evidence is thrown in your face, and you still ignorantly poke fun, the jokes on you
Edlvsjd says2016-07-21T06:54:16.2458839Z
That's a case of cognitive dissonance if I ever saw one
Edlvsjd says2016-07-21T06:55:55.0731509Z
80+ Killstreak with a boxtruck is hard even on gta
Black-Jesus says2016-07-21T06:56:17.3335101Z
@Edlvsjd, what do you mean poke fun? What else am I supposed to do when you make it clear that you are laughing at me for saying that the truck was washed when I never said such thing, then you start going off about Flouride? I'm sorry but I could not find a reply to that.
Edlvsjd says2016-07-21T07:04:12.8245581Z
Even the ex mayor is not this gullible https://mobile.Twitter.Com/lemondefr/status/753816023011168257
Black-Jesus says2016-07-21T07:11:00.0963688Z
Well, I can't read French. But-- what? Is just citing other people that agree with you proof now? Okay, Throwback agrees with me. Even Throwback isn't that gullible. Well, I'm tired of walking to nowhere, so... Bye. Accept the flat earth debate if you want to please, I extended the voting period.

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