• Yes, he was a great man with inspiring political ideals

  • No, he was an awful man who hated "human rights"

55% 6 votes
45% 5 votes
  • I do not think he was a good man on account of him being a dictator and teaming up with Hitler to try to take over Europe.

  • No. He favored a police state and aligned himself with the views of Hitler.

  • He was an awful person. He killed over 300,000 thousand people who deprived the people of his country of human rights. Enlighened7 seems to be a holocaust denier and very heavily brainwashed.

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enlightened7 says2016-06-17T01:14:24.0257932Z
Mussolini's political system was very well, and he was a political genius. He expanded workers rights (such as pensions, minimum wage, a limited work hour, etc), women's rights, and he even helped some Jews escape to Italy after Nazi oppression, those are some social issues he was good with. Mussolini also took Italy from economic corruption to major economic growth. He restored the pride of Italian people and helped provide the Italian people with jobs and a decent standard of living. Mussolini also introduced a good policy of welfare, which had helped many in need. The fascist regime during his rule also helped create stuff like educational factilities, railroads, sports stadiums, etc. Due to the fascist regime building the infrastructure like this, unemployment went down. He also funded industries for more steel and iron production and helped increase the use of renewable energy sources. While many people like to deny that Mussolini was a good man who had pride for the Italian people, they always think he was another Hitler even though he wasn't an anti-semitic racist like Hitler was.
enlightened7 says2016-06-17T01:16:44.2412896Z
Also, Gandhi even praised Mussolini once, but everybody thinks Gandhi was good yet Mussolini doesn't recieve as much praise. I feel Mussolini is misunderstood just for being scared of Hitler to join the axis, because he actually really helped Italy and even influenced some ideals Italy still follows today such as a welfare state.
enlightened7 says2016-06-17T01:19:13.5361606Z
While many people like to think he was a totalitarian who took away people's rights and silence political opposition, this was necessary. Mussolini needed to silence free speech and defeat political opposition to promote social-economic harmony and prevent people from living in paranoia. However, you can see the western media nowadays always exaggerated everything and spreads total lies and propaganda. But if you look in countries like China, the media is under a lot more control and people have a stronger sense of nationalism thanks to censorship. It's just that many people in the west grew up with a "pro-liberty" bias even though sometimes sacrificing liberty for social-economic stability/harmony is necessary at times.
Juan_Pablo_4_hillary says2016-06-17T03:17:23.9410687Z
Englightened, Mussolini murdered Italian politicians to sow fear and gain greater control in Italy. He was morally-bankrupted. Though he did do things to improve life for many Italians (as Hitler did for Germans in Nazi Germany), he used violence, threats, and an implemented an aggressive police state to do it.
Juan_Pablo_4_hillary says2016-06-17T03:18:52.5964370Z
The fact that he aligned himself with Nazi Germany tells you a lot about Mussolini. He wanted to rise by any means necessary.
enlightened7 says2016-06-17T03:21:54.4624028Z
@juan Violence and threats were a necessary to achieve great progress economically and socially, the ends do justify the means. Hitler improved life for Germans in Nazi Germany but he also implemented very questionable ideas alongside, unlike Mussolini who only implemented Fascist ideals to achieve progress.
enlightened7 says2016-06-17T03:23:36.4246564Z
Italy allied with Nazi Germany out of fear, and Mussolini heavily underestimated Hitler. Mussolini had no idea Hitler would annex and influence almost all of Europe. Also, keep in mind that Mussolini actually viewed Hitler as crazy and was skeptical of him, but Hitler liked him, so it wasn't really a "good relationship" between them.
enlightened7 says2016-06-17T03:25:24.1745471Z
Mussolini wanted to rise by any means necessary, but he was very unselfish and wanted to benefit the people.
Juan_Pablo_4_hillary says2016-06-17T03:30:22.1364571Z
Enlightened7: every good cause has to have limits, to genuinely improve humanity. I understand that sometimes leaders have to make difficult, painful choices. But there needs to be limits in politics, to serve humanity over all. Don't confuse moral uncertainty with amorality.
enlightened7 says2016-06-17T03:34:24.9676137Z
What "limits?" It makes no sense to limit maximum socio-economic progress over a few that fail to cope with times. Just look at the gridlock that the US government is in, and some European governments. It's due to the flawed system that is Democracy. Now look at what countries like Singapore and China are accomplishing without a true multi-party democracy.
TheWorldIsComplicated says2016-06-17T13:50:00.0135739Z
Enlightened7 You are just forgetting the fact that he killed 300,000 people and fell due to the people. You're crazy if you think he treated his people well... Only if you sucked up to him. Mussolini destroyed all of his own accomplishments due to war-torn Italy. Mussolini was a monster and always will be.
enlightened7 says2016-06-17T16:08:18.6733534Z
It was Hitler who started the war which tore apart Italy, not Mussolini. Also, I am not a holocaust denier nor am I brainwashed. How could I be brainwashed with fascist ideals while living in a democratic country? Except if anything, you would be brainwashed by blindly going against fascism because that's what the government teaches.
TheWorldIsComplicated says2016-06-17T16:18:26.2348480Z
Yes Hitler started the war, but Mussolini didn't have to side with him. Ultimately they were blinded by greed which lead to the deaths of millions of innocent people. He didn't have to do anything, he chose to do it.
TheWorldIsComplicated says2016-06-17T16:20:06.2470891Z
Facism- a way of organizing a society in which a government ruled by a dictator controls the lives of the people and in which people are not allowed to disagree with the government. You think that sounds like a good idea? I'll keep my freedom, are you nuts!
enlightened7 says2016-06-17T16:32:34.2668829Z
That definition is biased, but what is wrong with the government having control of people's lives? And opposition usually delays progress, so it is necessary to get rid of opposition by any means.
enlightened7 says2016-06-17T16:33:28.7431305Z
Freedom is an overrated quality anyways.
TheWorldIsComplicated says2016-06-17T20:27:51.2703771Z
Enlightened because countries should be run by the power of the people. I can't believe you would want the government controlling everything. You don't know how lucky you are to have freedom until it is taken away. I'll keep my rights.

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