Was Beyoncé's half time show performance at the Super Bowl (2016) racist?

Posted by: briantheliberal

Let's see how many politically correct hypocrites there are on this site... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_Hgh7sPDLM

  • Yes. It was racist.

  • No. It was not racist.

48% 11 votes
52% 12 votes
  • just watch it

  • She glorified the black panthers and demonized white cops. If that's not racist, what is. I really don't see a difference between glorifying the black panthers and glorifying the KKK.

  • I just want to exactly what part of it was racist. Everyone points to the fact that the dancers were dressed like (and by dressed like, I mean wearing a vaguely similar hat) black panthers and used black panther symbolism. If that is true, then the most likely explaination is that it is a statement against police brutality that they still feel is a problem. So, where is this big leap from anti-police brutality to anti-white people? Is it the black panther symbolism? The Black Panthers were a black separatist movement that were started by people who had been abused by police and discriminated against since birth, that's why they were chosen, not because they were separatist. Then people start the analogies that "What if white people were dressed like the Ku Klux Klan? Would you call that racist?" Probably, but, I don't know if you know this, the KKK was much worse than the Black Panthers, maybe only because the BP were disbanded way quicker than the KKK, or maybe because the KKK were worse people, but the fact remains that the KKK had the stated purpose of ridding America of blacks, Jews, other racial minorities, Irish, Italians, Catholics aka anyone who wasn't them and they killed and tortured A LOT to do it. Now, is it possible that the Beyonce performance was racist in nature? Perhaps, I don't think so, but I put the percentages at a 80% that it wasn't racist.

  • No it wasn't racist. Nust because she glamorized the black version of the KKK. I find it odd that BTL would think it was not racist though, if it had been a white person glamourizing the white KKK, he'd probably feel different

    Posted by: Wylted
  • Racism implied intent

  • It was an homage to the black panthers, Malcolm X and Michael Jackson (not sure how that fit in there). While the BPP was a little too radical for my taste (marxism-leninism), they still did a lot of good things for people black and white, and they played a major role in raising black consciousness. I guess this just goes to show, nothing will scare white people more than when black people know what is going on. Funny thing is I AM WHITE!

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briantheliberal says2016-02-14T09:45:02.4718373Z
Feel free to explain why if you can.
triangle.128k says2016-02-14T16:21:21.8727130Z
I'm sure briantheliberal has gone mad at this point.
TBR says2016-02-14T17:14:30.4696698Z
I did not watch it, know absolutely nothing about Beyonce. Is this a thing now? Are people concerned about something?
Anonymous says2016-02-14T20:40:54.8826461Z
She should be allowed to preform whatever she wants because its her performance. She and the dancers were very talented and it was fun to watch. Still, I don't like how she celebrated a black separatist group. I don't think Beyonce is racist but I think her performance was kind of racist. I didn't like the song but that doesn't mean I am going to ruin her life. When PC SJWs don't like someones joke, song or opinion they start smear campaigns and get them fired. Thats the difference between people here saying we didn't like the show and PC SJWs who try to ruin peoples lives for not liking their shows. Just talking about why you didn't like a show is different than what far leftist PC people do, which is bully, harass and lie about the person whose song, joke or opinion they didn't like. For example, last year Tim Hunt, a Nobel prize winning scientist was fired for making a mildly sexist joke that offended PC feminists. PC SJWs got him fired for a self degrading joke. Are any of the people who didn't like Beyonces show trying to get her banned for it? No. Thats the difference between people who didn't like Beyonces show and SJWs. SJWs will ruin the lives of people who make songs or jokes they don't like, where as the people who didn't like Beynoces show aren't going to get her banned and ruin her life for it. Theres nothing wrong with talking about why you didn't like a show. There is something wrong with get someone fired for not liking their show.
mc9 says2016-02-15T03:03:52.9354626Z
If it was celebrating the black panthers, it might have been about the team panthers that was playing.
Anonymous says2016-02-15T04:28:16.3361806Z
Mc9 it wasnt
mc9 says2016-02-15T19:46:02.2568383Z
Are you sure Dilara?
Anonymous says2016-02-15T22:12:06.1009701Z
Mc9 Yes. He was performing her new song "formation" which is very anti police and pro black lives matter. https://www.washingtonpost.com/video/entertainment/beyonces-formation-music-video-annotated/2016/02/08/869d749c-ce88-11e5-90d3-34c2c42653ac_video.html
BrendanD19 says2016-02-16T22:48:17.2683708Z
Quote from Bobby Seale (Founder of the Black panther party): "You don't fight racism with racism, the best way to fight racism is with solidarity."
briantheliberal says2016-02-17T04:42:17.2605005Z
Triangle, again you resort to personal attacks. You're not even worth the time anymore.
triangle.128k says2016-02-17T04:44:24.7097407Z
Yet you always silence people by calling them a white supremacist or racist... Jesus, if only you'd see how much more calm I seem compared to your aggressiveness.
briantheliberal says2016-02-17T04:51:10.7785801Z
Triangle, right just like you're silencing me by completely lying about me calling anyone who disagrees with me a racist or white supremacist. Where is that evidence I asked you for? Right, you don't have it, you were just "exaggerating". I guess you're a liar and hypocrite.
triangle.128k says2016-02-17T04:52:06.6911021Z
briantheliberal says2016-02-17T04:53:33.7094449Z
Triangle, that's what I thought.
briantheliberal says2016-02-17T04:54:32.1173425Z
Just crawl in a ball and shut up when confronted with your own BS as usual.
briantheliberal says2016-02-17T05:03:51.0796745Z
Also Dilara, the Black Panthers weren't an "anti white terror group". Here is yet another example of you lying and distorting historical facts to make white people look like the victim. The Black Panther Party was a black nationalist/socialist organization that fought against police brutality, corruption, and violence against black people and other non-white groups, as well as the KKK. The BPP never willingly targeted white people in general, nor did they ever say they hated white people. So again, why is Beyonce's performance racist? Or are you just going to be politically correct and call her racist because she sings about something you don't like?
Anonymous says2016-02-17T05:14:11.7103877Z
Briantheliberal Is celebrating a black nationalist group ok to you? The difference between the people, including my self, who did not like Beyonces performance and PC SJW authoritarians is that we are not ruining Beyonices life. When PC SJWs son't like someones joke, song or opinion they will go out of their way to ruin that persons life. For example, last year Tim Hunt, a Nobel prize wining scientist was fired for a self degrading joke because he upset PC feminists. They got him fired for a joke. Am I, or any other person who did not like Beyonces song, trying to ruin her life over it ?No. Thats the difference. Its one thing to talk about why you did not like a song on a poll, its another thing to ruin someones life for not liking their song. I did not call Beyonce racist, I specifically said that I do not think she is racist. I said her song is racist.
Shani says2016-02-27T01:25:24.7870880Z
Which part of it was racist? She was paying homage to a group who stood for their rights, the panthers didn't believe in Black supremacy, they believed in Black unity and equal rights! It isn't racist in the least bit to speak out about social issues or to be proud of your race.

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