Was Britain's choice to leave the EU a good thing?

Posted by: Bluxxa

  • Yes

  • No

48% 14 votes
52% 15 votes
  • Britain is finally (truly) independent.

  • Yes, Britain has made the correct decision to leave EU. Angelia Merkel's meddlings shall be EU's undoing. As a matter of fact, Germany's banks are the high risk now. The economy collapse of EU is a matter of time.

  • They really need to fix this site. I already commented in one of the duplicate polls that were deleted. "Yes. Especially if they like having sovereignty."

  • Very much so. Europe, unlike the USA or the failed Gran Colombia and USCA projects, does not speak a common language, nor does it have a common culture, or even a common history, with only the major wars such as the Seven Years' War, the Thirty Years' War, the Great War (WWI), the Great Patriotic War (WWII), and the forming of the EEU and later the EU tying each state's history together. The UK already has it's own organisation, the Commonwealth of Nations, and is a NATO member. It also has a proud history of being a leader in world affairs, and only until the EU did it ever subject itself to evil, in this case Brussel, or to use Polandball terminology, the Merkelreich. Britain also cannot be tied to an organisation that openly plans to dominate each member state's foreign policy, economy, ethics, and policies on external and internal migration. It is ruinous, and the liberal hardliners flock to it because they do not understand the threat. One can look at Krym in the case of Tatar invasions that somehow state that they are the natives of the area, the Romanskaya Imperiya in the case of the Germanic invasions, where they [the Germanic peoples] suddenly started to call themselves Latin because they spoke corrupted forms known as "Romance Languages". The same process that corrupted these territories is happening now, only with a little less bloodshed, in the name of "multiculturalism". If only the people who defended Europe from Islamic invasions (Romans and French, and later Spain) could here about how the invader is now being invited to stay and destroy the fabric of Europe. Refugees have a right to seek asylum, but after the issue is over, they shant be able to stay because refugee status only can allow residence until the unrest has been quelled. However, when said refugees try to ruin the fabric of Europe, by bringing false ideals that belittle women and promote a culture that is strikingly non-(possibly anti-)European, then that is when regulation, and not a liberal fantasy, must take place. The economy is the worst aspect of this EU. The Euro is a scheme to control the people through getting rid of individual currencies which speak of individual culture and instead simply have an image of Europe, a monument if it is a paper bill, and then a number. It gets rid of things such as the Franc, the Deutschmark, the Dramcha, and other things that speak of uniqueity. The point I am trying to point out is that a preservation of culture, whether it be British or Russian, is an incentive to leave or stay out of the EU. The EU erases integral parts of statehood, removes a national currency (by incentive of "One Currency, One Europe", despite the fact that with different nations with the same currency allows for one or more nation doing poorly to drag the others down (Italy, Greece, Portugal, and Spain)), forces multiculturalism, which on paper sounds good, but in practise has failed spectacularly, and simply is ultra-liberal, with propaganda and the economy being manipulated in a way where one has an easy scapegoat: the people who are outside of the norm, such as Russia, Syria, Byelorussia, and other states which refuse to swallow the pill of liberalism represented by the EU and the West. Yes, I am a part of the Russian diaspora outside of Russia, Ukraine, and Byelorussia. Yes, I am EuroSceptic. Yes, I have no qualms about "political correctness", also known as "bullsh*tting one's way out of free speech".

  • Pure IDEOLOGY seems to be the only reason to even think about leaving the EU. There is no clear plan, no evidence that they'd be better off. Only assumptions, bold claims, a lot of passion and a common dream.The vast majority of UK trade is with the EU (approximately 50%; our next biggest single market is USA at 15%). So those are immediately at risk. The EU has 46 free-trade deals with other countries (and is in negotiations with and 70). Leaving EU would remove us from those: not only hurting trade with the 26 other EU members, it would hurt trade with those countries where we no longer had a trade deal in place.

  • Britain is now free from the economic disaster that is the European Union. Hopefully, Greece will come to its senses soon as well!

  • I personally think that Britain would have been better off to stay inside the EU, and I would have voted Remain

  • The European Union is the modern version of the Marshall Plan. It ties the Atlantic Community under a set of shared interests and values which have dominated world politics since 1945. The Brexit vote upends this security "architecture," worsening conditions for world peace and European prosperity.

    Posted by: NHN
  • Leaving was one of the worst decisions they ever made. I hope Scotland leaves the UK and rejoins the EU. Most of Scotland voted to remain they shouldn't have been dragged into this mess. They are predominantly liberal and have been controlled by a Conservative gov't for years.

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karlmarx59 says2016-08-22T05:12:18.8837458Z
NLC: You do not know anything about trade and economics do you, hon?
triangle.128k says2016-08-22T05:18:21.8399960Z
@karlmarx Trade deals can be re-made, who says Britain can't make them on their own? There's no need to be worried about a small economic fall that will jump back up quickly, maybe even bigger and better than it was before Brexit. Also, I highly doubt you would know much about economics if you are actually an economic Marxist.
NewLifeChristian says2016-08-22T19:08:21.3762725Z
@karlmarx59 Considering the fact that you are a self-proclaimed progressive socialist, the average five year old probably knows more economics than you do.
karlmarx59 says2016-08-23T19:13:17.6319281Z
Triangle128k: In my original post it points out that pulling out of the EU limits the avenues of trade, that was the point I was making. It will make things more difficult. But as you say, only time will tell. But making snarky comments about my knowledge of economics is unnecessary just because I admire Karl Marx. I am not limited to one ideology...Are you? No, I don't think so.
karlmarx59 says2016-08-23T19:18:18.7957196Z
NLC: That was an ad hominem attack that was uncalled for and is really obtuse coming from a self professed Christian. You have no idea the length and breadth of my economic knowledge. However, by your comments i have an idea of yours. I have never once witnessed you saying anything useful nor have I witnessed you being a Christian. You are always full of vitriol and sarcastic comments. Maybe you should focus on the bible and not the Debate.Org for awhile.
triangle.128k says2016-08-23T20:31:35.2722656Z
@karlmarx You're still implying brexit was a bad thing due to the trade deals. However, the UK can easily make new trade deals for free trade as an independent soverign state. There's no reason as to why they should be dependent upon a corrupt union that takes away their sovereignty.
NHN says2016-08-24T14:03:33.0250115Z
@karlmarx59 Why did you change from No to Yes, yet keep the very same arguments in place? Seems counterintuitive, somehow.
karlmarx59 says2016-08-25T04:54:54.6850239Z
Triangle128k You haven't made an argument to back your claim, so...WTF?
karlmarx59 says2016-08-25T04:55:46.8361582Z
NHN: That was a mistake and I just didn't bother to fix it.

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