Was Che Guevara A Hero Or Tyrant?

Posted by: Knaveslayer99

Was Che Guevara the famous Argentinian Revolution who helped Fedel Castro in the Cuban Revolution a Hero who liberated Cuba or a Tyrant who oppressed it? [Please Leave Comments]

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He was a Tyrant

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He was a Hero

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Knaveslayer99 says2016-10-01T16:39:02.6435300Z
@ThisIsMyUsername333 Please show me facts that prove Che murdered millions of people please.
ThisIsMyUsername333 says2016-10-01T19:02:58.5781326Z
@Knaveslayer99 http://www.worldaffairsjournal.org/blog/michael-j-totten/truth-about-che-guevera Sorry, not millions, but he was no hero.
Knaveslayer99 says2016-10-02T07:09:33.5210972Z
@ThisIsMyUsername333 People die in revolutions what Che did for Cuba was remarkable the people of Cuba have free healthcare and education. Some of the best doctors in the world come from Cuba and not to mention he tried to liberate many people from British control [Congo].
EthanTheEEL says2016-11-03T21:55:36.0747462Z
He also betrayed the government by saying "We will have an election" then years later, no election happened, because Che wanted Cuba to be communist, and millions want to leave its country, because they hate communism, and the government backstabbed them. He also killed thousands of people and executed them, and had no regret. (Look at his diary)

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