Was Christopher Columbus a total jerk?

Posted by: themoongirl

Anyone wanna debate me on this? I'm serious that guy had some issues

  • Heck yeah

  • Uhh no

93% 14 votes
7% 1 votes
  • Columbus was the Ultimate Jerk of all time, yet he remains in school history books, has his own national holiday that has not been removed, and he is still glorified...although everyone knows he was a jerk.

    Posted by: Najs
  • People who say he wasn't obviously don't know much about what he did.

  • Total jerk face

  • I guarantee his intent in discovering the Americas was not to kill others

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Forthelulz says2015-06-01T11:03:14.3773756-05:00
Everyone had issues back then.
Stefy says2015-06-01T22:07:27.4551178-05:00
Preston: Ok well he still did it. I cant go into a building i thought was empty to rob it and if it turns out there was a guy there i can just kill him and then say that was not my intention in entering the building. Im still just as terrible.
Stefy says2015-06-01T22:08:33.9464727-05:00
Najs: He should be im school history books. Just in a truthful way not in the sugar coated way hes shown now. The kids still have to learn about what happened with him.

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