Was germany the cause of both world wars?

Posted by: Thescarecrow066

In my oppinion Germany was converted to do evil and they never mean't to do harm, If your creating an answer please have it toward the topic.

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They were a significant cause of both world wars, but they were not the only cause.

WW1 had many causes that forced it to happen, Germany was only one of the causes. As for WW2, it was preventable, if germany didn't go into ruins after WW1 Hitler would not have got into power, and if Chamberlain wasn't blinded by his view of worl... d peace, it would have been stopped before it became a world war   more
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Only WW2

Hitler had converted Germany and therefore its germany's fault that they where converted to do evil.(standard argument)
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Yes germany was the cause of both

They where both two weak to speak for themselves and instead where lead by horrible people such as hitler with the holocaust and kaiser with the gas bombs.(standard argument)
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None, it was an assasin for ww1 and England and France for ww2

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None they infact where peaceful and converted by powerful leaders

Germany was converted by very powerful leaders who where threats to anyone who apposed them and their belifs, The Germans where converted by fear not choice. (standard argument)
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Only WW1

Kaiser converted Germany to repent agasnt the assassination and think the british,Belgians, and russia have teamed up to kill a world leader(standard argument)
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No: WWI and WWII were caused by alliances and economic strife

Germany was pulled into the War by his alliance with Austria-Hungary when they were threatened by Russia, who was an ally to Serbia. WWII was caused by economic strife after Germany was forced to pay a $30 Billion debt he couldn't fully pay.
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PetersSmith says2015-04-27T21:14:53.8158669-05:00
Technically, you can really trace it back to many things. Imperialism and the chain of alliances for WWI, and the results of WWI for WWII.
Mathgeekjoe says2015-04-27T21:26:53.8156442-05:00
I wonder how long this heil would last.
triangle.128k says2015-04-27T21:41:56.4706699-05:00
Until he reaches 'heil2000'
heil57 says2015-04-27T21:51:04.9822442-05:00
Possibly more?
Mathgeekjoe says2015-04-27T21:51:37.3716749-05:00
How long till 60?
heil57 says2015-04-27T22:05:02.4569242-05:00
Germany was responsible for neither
TheHappyReaper says2015-04-28T06:45:21.0157022-05:00
Will he reach over 9000?
Thescarecrow066 says2015-04-28T08:46:11.6142574-05:00
I like your plotting skills but there inferior
Mathgeekjoe says2015-05-02T19:54:43.0877716-05:00
I love how the answer I made got 13 votes.
Thescarecrow066 says2015-05-04T17:25:36.7536982-05:00
Who ever added four misspelled Assassian and there was already a answer given.
MizuneKurosaki13 says2015-10-26T00:48:58.5485576Z
I don't really agree with any of these reasons. I think the chain of alliances was something very key to how World War I started, and the leave of Austria-Hungary in World War I as well as Italy was also key to how World War II started in the first place.

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