Was Hitler's intentions good?

Posted by: AgnosticRadar

I know he killed millions, but he had good intentions in the beginning.

Poll closed on 6/4/2014 at 12:00AM.
  • Yes

  • No

33% 9 votes
67% 18 votes
  • I believe he had good intentions, but strayed from his ideals.

  • he did think his intentions were good for the people he wanted to help (the "master race") and they were, he brought germany out of the depression. his intentions were just disasterous for everyone else (jews, slavs, french, polish, ect.).

  • His intentions were good, he just happened to go about how he did it wrong. (Trying to restore the "homeland") He did a fine good job about pulling Germany out of debt.

  • In an insanity, profound and disgusting way, yes. He was genuinely delusional and thought by what he was doing, he would be helping the world but it doesn't mean that what he did was good.

  • His intentions were good. He wanted to make Germany respected again and bring it back on top again. I am NOT a Neo-Nazi. I know that his original intentions were good, but after a while of being on top, he got too power-crazed and tried to take over the entire world and murdered countless amounts of people. I agree that his original intentions were good, they just turned sour after being in power for too long.

  • Hitler was an narcissistic, ego-maniac who wanted to further himself & his Nazi party. The few improvements that he made were modest gains for the German people/country. His "intentions" were eschew from the beginning!

  • He was an excellent political leader, BUT he had such twisted morals and practices that he became a despicable human being.

  • I myself may honor him for his wits and skills, but by By-Tor, he was a horrible man. So no.

  • get out of here. and i cant even begin to imagine why we are trying to emulate him either.

  • Of course not, Stupid thing to ask.

  • No. Just no.

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nichoolasamckinneyr says2014-04-24T11:26:33.1379271-05:00
Muttl200 says2014-04-24T12:14:21.9495785-05:00
I agree with this mans comment. ^
AgnosticRadar says2014-04-24T22:10:34.8596000-05:00
@Annapurna1, I'm not going anywhere, this website is open to peoples beliefs and teachings. If you have a problem with that you leave.
Mike01506 says2014-04-27T15:15:55.4279990-05:00
Lol what sort of question is this? Anybody who knows anything about Hitler knows his intentions were evil, and always were.
Mike01506 says2014-04-28T15:15:39.9110270-05:00
It's "were Hitler's intentions good?" Basic grammar, people?
AgnosticRadar says2014-04-28T21:23:19.4516707-05:00
Were and was are both past tense. Therefor my sentence was grammatically correct.
miles-pro-libertate says2014-04-28T21:24:52.2698270-05:00
But the word "was" is singular, and the word "intentions" is plural.
AgnosticRadar says2014-04-28T21:27:15.8366270-05:00
Eh, i was never good at English lol, my apologies
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