Was Jesus Christ the son of God or a mad man?

Posted by: TheBilbo1

No offence intended.

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Son of God

9 votes

Mad man

7 votes
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He was neither, he was a Profit

1 vote
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lightseeker says2016-06-18T10:00:51.7586523Z
This is a pretty stupid pole. He doesn't have to be either of those. He was a prophet of God. Neither son of God nor a man man.
maslow says2016-06-18T17:04:49.3689797Z
He did not exist.
Kreakin says2016-06-18T20:23:18.0582949Z
Learn your history, Jesus existed. By the looks of what he did he was highly political and intelligent.
Dburch111 says2016-06-19T16:26:41.3185225Z
> Pretty stupid pole Well, since when was Jesus polish?
maslow says2016-06-21T22:18:00.9058286Z
This is a "poll" first. And @ Kreakin, I am sorry to burst your delusion bubble, but he was about as political and intelligent as Trump, ergo non-existent.
AbnormalAxis says2016-06-28T19:11:19.8127604Z
He was a Profit as in very profitable myth for the Catholics to take land and not pay taxes.

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