Was Joseph Stalin a "true atheist?"

Posted by: triangle.128k

Apparently Hitler wasn't a "true Christian" was he?

  • Yes

  • No, a true atheist wouldn't have murdered millions of people

77% 10 votes
23% 3 votes
  • What does murdering millions of people have to do with being an atheist?

  • All that's required to be an atheist is a disbelief (or lack of belief if you want to argue that) Stalin definitely had that.

  • Stalin disposed of clergymen, condemned religion and turned the USSR into a godless state. While atheist would like to claim Hitler was a Christian who used religion to persecute Jews I'd like to affirm that Hitler only used Christ as the perennial victim of the Jews, comparing him to the German republic and people after the fallout of World War I, scapegoating the Jews under the false pretenses of Christianity. Hitler was also documented of having anti-clerical/religious views, adhering to Darwinist views, even contemplating on eradicating religion. Stalin eradicated religion because communism was founded by atheists who deemed religion as "opium of the people".

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Atheist-Independent says2015-09-13T03:45:28.6077812Z
Where is the association between atheism and morality? Also, Stalin was pretty blatantly Christian in his actions and words.
triangle.128k says2015-09-13T03:46:59.3040899Z
@Atheist-Independent Well some Christians (some not all) imply people like Hitler or KKK leaders weren't real Christians. So i'm using their logic.
MechVarg says2015-09-13T16:00:13.1804326Z
Well, yes, but don't lump us with that insult to socialism.
triangle.128k says2015-09-13T16:09:20.4719087Z
Death to communism!
TBR says2015-09-13T18:00:19.5374269Z
I have clicked on the poll several times without voting, or commenting... I think the "true Christian" garbage is just that. No Christian gets to blankly say what is and is not Christian. When I think about atheists, and being an atheists, I can and do say, there is no doctrine, so no claim can be made regarding who is or isn't a 'good' atheists. However, broadly, grouping atheists in some fashion works, and is reasonable. So, bickering aside, Stalin was a 'bad atheist'
Vox_Veritas says2015-09-13T20:29:05.7883828Z
Christians do get to say who is and isn't a Christian. The Bible kind of talks about this, and Christians interpret the Bible's message based on verses. A Christian is a person who is Christlike, though it's not necessarily true that all people who are saved are Christlike. A person who was Christlike would not do the things that Hitler did.
Vox_Veritas says2015-09-13T20:30:40.7617916Z
Atheism has no moral code beyond what any given atheist decides is right and wrong. There is no atheist doctrine other than the idea that God does not exist.
triangle.128k says2015-09-13T20:44:09.9716476Z
@Vox_Veritas So if one interprets the Bible in a different way from you, then they're not a Christian?
UtherPenguin says2015-09-13T20:46:17.4113152Z
@triangle.128k some interpretations carry more weight than others.
PericIes says2015-09-13T20:49:16.5901443Z
@Vox Veritas It is not atheist doctrine that "God does not exist." It is, however, necessarily atheist doctrine that "there is not sufficient evidence for me to believe in a God." There are two types of any belief, gnostic and agnostic, and you are talking about gnostic atheism, which, like gnostic anything, is stupid.
briantheliberal says2015-09-13T21:15:34.4622588Z
By "true atheist" you mean he didn't believe in god, then yes I believe he made that very clear. Although I don't know him personally so my knowledge of his religious beliefs are merely based on historical documentation.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-09-14T20:12:54.3894093Z
"So, bickering aside, Stalin was a 'bad atheist'" Well he was apparently good at being an atheist and bad at being good.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-09-14T20:13:15.9023609Z
"So, bickering aside, Stalin was a 'bad atheist'" Well he was apparently good at being an atheist and bad at being good.
chandlerrouse says2015-09-15T03:28:31.5006145Z
Who cares, he was a psychopath first and foremost.
chandlerrouse says2015-09-15T03:29:13.2464821Z
Freedom you are a dichotomy slave, so your comments are pusillanimous at best

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