Was poland worth fighting world war 2 over?

Posted by: greatkitteh

No, i am not a neo nazi.

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Yes, Appeasement is not working

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No, too much destruction for a minor county

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MakeSensePeopleDont says2015-10-11T12:01:41.4742021Z
@greatkitteh -- What the heck are you talking about? WWII was not fought over Poland; Poland was very small piece of the war. Yes, Hitler wanted Poland to rejoin the German nation among other reasons, but this was but the SMALLEST of reasons to fight WWII. Are you trying to say something else? Are you forgetting to inform us of something?
Kreakin says2015-10-11T12:25:37.7468465Z
Kreakin says2015-10-11T12:29:15.7766393Z
Both options are horribly inaccurate so can't answer this poll.
Emilrose says2015-10-11T13:38:24.9572297Z
Meh. This poll is stupid. And as for that link, obviously Russia would blame Poland. They don't like each other.
Anonymous says2015-10-11T15:04:24.2572451Z
Poland was by all means the smallest reason that the French and the Britons declared war on the Germans.
greatkitteh says2015-10-12T11:17:42.7262946Z
Waits for flamewar

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