Was Ronald Reagan a top 5 president?

Posted by: texans14

Do you think Ronald Reagan was a top 5 president?

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Yes. Number two or three.

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Yes. He was the best president of all time.

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Yes. Number four or five.

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Warik says2014-06-25T15:25:07.6372075-05:00
People who say taxes were lower in his presidency than any in most presidencies are lying. He raised taxes over 11 times during his tenure but people never want to admit it
barnesec says2014-07-01T20:14:09.6602819-05:00
Do some research...Bombing in Beirut bombing in 1983, Iran-Contra, Grenada, constant meddling in Latin America, his stance on South Africa, his stance on AIDS, and the beginning of our national debt. He was a good speaker that gave people the warm and fuzzies and he handled the USSR well.

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