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ZachZimmey says2017-01-08T04:51:39.0635133Z
ChristianCreationist says2017-01-11T00:32:50.2423593Z
Yes, really. Look at the evidence.
Arget says2017-01-11T02:09:52.8175593Z
There is too much made up 'evidence' by conspiracy theorists for me(who is not trained in investigation) to try and discern what is and is not fact. One thing I am absolutely certain of however is that it was no hoax; our government intelligence is not so incompetent as to run such a leaky operation (especially civilians), nor would the blackest operations balk at killing children when they instigate wars that kill many. So either a crazed gunman killed all those children or our government chose to do so. Lets assume for a moment that it was a false flag op, that means that it had an objective. Since the objective wasn't a foreign power it must instead be aimed at US citizens; which narrows it down to either gun rights or to sow fear and division. However the government has been pro gun rights for a long time, so much so that it banned government agencies from even researching gun related deaths. The weaponry citizens can get a hold of is also not a threat to the establishment who is able to unleash WMDs on a true rebellion. Beyond that the military industrial complex, which is a big part of such operations, profits from guns. Fear and division can be more easily sown via false documents, assassinations, and 'terrorist' bombings than staging a mass shooting which could allow too much to go wrong. This is why a don't believe Sandy Hook was a false flag operation, and even if it was those children really died (which should scare the s*** out of you in that case).
Anitabab01 says2018-07-03T13:29:56.7890370Z
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