• Yes, he oppressed and killed millions

  • No, he turned the nation from a 19th century peasant country into an industrialized super power

78% 31 votes
22% 9 votes
  • he killed more than Hitler and starved Ukraine

  • Joseph Stalin had very much power as a leader and it wasn't a democracy at that time. If someone was against him and he didn't like it, he could do what was needed to get them away from his way if he wanted to as a dictator. He didn't get rid of the poverty although he was a communist and he had concentration camps where he lead many people to their death. More people died in his regime than in Hitler, but both was leaders with power and both killed millions of people.

  • He had total control over his country and used that power to oppress and kill millions of his own people, even more than Hitler. It doesn't matter that the USSR sided with us during WWII; a tyrant is still a tyrant.

  • "He was a hero of the people and he helped stop Hitler." The only reason why the Soviet Union fought Nazi Germany was because of Operation Barbarossa. Prior to Germany's invasion, Stalin signed a treaty of non-aggression and agreed to invade and split Poland with Hitler.

  • Stalin was a believer in atheist Dogma, and so was Hitler.

  • He is a communist every communist leaders are tyrants

  • Communism killed more people than small pox

  • He was close evils with Hitler

  • no he wasnt he was a hero of the people and he helped stop hitler and its only sensible he got so much power since he was a demigod i mean look at that moustache man dannnggg

  • Stalin wuz not a tyrent as he was very nice and kind and also wun werld wears 2 snd not many dicktators have won weras and also do you tink that usa would've joined with a DICKtator ? i doont tink so comrade (heheh get it it's russian lel)

  • Joseph Stalin was a Russian Hero who stopped the Famines that had been happening since the Tsar's Rule and Industrialized the country bringing it into the 20th Century. He also only killed around 3 Million most of which were Criminals while most people in Gulags died after leaving the Gulags due to natural causes. Need I remind that Winston Churchill has also killed an equal amount to Stalin except he was the result of a famine and blamed the Indians who he had starved. No Stalin was not a Tyrant he was a Hero who the West has tried to demonize despite it being his leadership that stopped the Nazi War Machine and forced Japan to surrender.

  • No because he only killed the people (kulaks) that attempted to reject collectivisation by starving out the inner cities. The kulaks where the true enemy no matter the numbers of them that were killed. You dumb individualists only look at the surface not wanting to open the chest fearing that it will destroy your false ideas of democracy and end your inane political feuds for individual power.

  • No he wasn't, He was a hero of mine

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Bluepaintcan123 says2017-08-05T14:23:02.1985521Z
@Purushadasa No, Hitler was not a believer in "Atheist dogma." His speeches were filled with Christianity, and he made it clear. (ex. "I believe today that my conduct is in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator." Atheists don't believe in god.) Atheist dogma doesn't even exist. The only thing that makes you an Atheist is the fact that you don't believe in a god, no strings attached. You don't have to pray, you don't need to believe in anything, you don't have to think a certain way about anything. There are Atheists that are quiet about their beliefs (the vast majority, actually), and there are some that are more open about it. Please don't misrepresent an entire group of people, because I know you would be pissed if I did it to you. FInally, the religion of Stalin or Hitler is irrelevant to the atrocities they've committed (at least when it comes to Atheism.) What makes Atheism so special is the fact that it is a lack of religious belief, so there is nothing to kill in the name of. Even with Hitler, I wouldn't be so stupid as to say he killed because he was a Christian. This is obviously false because not every Christian I hang out with wants my head on a stick. The religion helps fuel and justify (at least in their mind) the hate they spread, but it is not the sole reason. Stick to the facts and keep your mouth shut if you don't know what you're talking about.
danielmich says2017-08-07T16:13:25.2689522Z
Are you like kidding me?! Give me an example of a tyrant which doesnt turn his country into an industry-oreinted one?! He needs a GODDAMN MILITARY! How exactly did 55 THOUSAND tanks improve citizens lifes?!
Mike7777 says2020-08-17T02:31:25.0562913Z
Stalin teaches us to remain loyal and true to the people

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