Was the 2020 election fair?

Posted by: Moon_2005

President Trump stated that voter fraud was present. What did you think about the election?

  • Fair

  • Not Fair

47% 9 votes
53% 10 votes
  • You have to be a complete and utter idiot to believe it was unfair. Joe Biden is our president

  • Hell yes! Conservatives are misled braindead zombies following the orders of their evil master, Donald trump

  • I feel bad for the people who didn't wake up from the media lies.

    Posted by: Kortex
  • The elections are controlled by the two party system. This is why we need a fair version of ranked choice voting and any candidate on a ballot should be allowed in the debates. Anyone who does not fall into the democratic or republican parties have no chance or voice. They are forced to decide between their morals and having a shot in an election. This is not only unfair to the candidates but the voters themselves. Anyone who can not see that this is the bigger issue is blinded by the media and brainwashed by the current political system.

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ShiningSamarium says2021-10-28T08:40:40.9709826Z
https://hereistheevidence. Com/
BenitoBarbaro says2021-10-30T12:49:57.8048324Z
Hell no.

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