Was the Armenian Genocide atually a genocide?

Posted by: Alirai13

  • Yes, the Armenian Genocide was actually a Genocide.

  • No, the Armenian Genocide wasn't actually a genocide.

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Hanspete says2015-02-27T14:56:26.7693508-06:00
Oh for god sake, STOP THE JEW HATING!
Varrack says2015-02-27T15:00:38.6160101-06:00
There was no American genocide.
Hanspete says2015-02-27T15:01:52.9911177-06:00
Varrack, reread the title
heil says2015-02-27T15:02:26.9717892-06:00
Oh for god sake, STOP THE NAZI HATING!
Hanspete says2015-02-27T15:03:18.7701177-06:00
There should be no love for those who promote evil
heil says2015-02-27T15:06:03.6209458-06:00
http://davidduke.com/do-you-recognize-this-man-he-was-one-of-the-greatest-mass-murderers-of-all-time/ yeah that guy
roark555 says2015-02-27T15:35:04.5304734-06:00
If 1.5 million people doesn't spell genocide, then I don't know what does.
TBR says2015-02-27T16:14:37.5220844-06:00
Heil - not that you ever make seance, but if the Armenian Genocide was evil, why give a pass to Hitler killing 3x as many Jews?
debate_power says2015-02-27T18:05:33.1688424-06:00
Because they're Jews, duh. Jews are inferior, remember? According to heil and his Nazi friends, that is.

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