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No, get your religion out of my face.

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Yes, people shouldn't be forced to accept contraceptives.

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No, we need contraceptives to be covered.

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I'm not American, so this doesn't pertain to me.

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Oromagi says2014-07-03T15:34:02.1021598-05:00
My opinion is not represented above, so I'll put it here. The SCOTUS majority is clearly pandering, making concessions to the Christian Right without consideration of the long term implications. This ruling reinforces corporate personhood, a notion that threatens to create an new uber-class of artificial citizens endowed with all the rights of citizens but with a corporate immunity to most civic responsibilities. The Hobby Lobby decision also creates new rights for "closely-held" corporations that neither citizens or more public corporations may enjoy. Lastly, the SCOTUS ruling is short-sighted, failing to consider more exotic applications of the ruling: may Scientologist employers refuse to cover mental health benefits? May Christian Scientists refuse to cover any hospital stay except for broken bones and childbirth, may Sikh employers refuse to pay for life support for patients in a vegetative state? I expect the answer is no but will likely create another civil rights schism between the Christian majority and non-Christian minority religions.
discomfiting says2014-07-06T19:12:58.2737979-05:00
Basically the slippery slope argument

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