Was the Sandy Hook Shooting a faked event to allow more gun legislature?

Posted by: Solomon_Orlando

  • Yes, it was.

  • No, it was not.

21% 17 votes
79% 64 votes
  • could be an MKULTRA controlled crazy killer or multiple shooters

  • I can't trust the government anymore.

    Posted by: Numble
  • Without a doubt. The reason I know is because I did this crazy thing called LOOKING AT EVIDENCE. If you still believe in this nonsense, you simply don't know anything about the actual case. And should probably shut up and stop throwing your worthless opinion around like a child.

  • It wasn't faked, but it was purposely blamed on the wrong cause. The shooter was mentally unwell, as are the majority of mass shooters. Guns aren't the issue, but people seem to want it to be.

  • Not everyting is a hoax.

    Posted by: Nyx999
  • conspiracy theorists are idiots

  • You make me sad. Come, Patsy. *coconuts*

  • I don't know why you would even ask that question. Sayin something like that is just wrong. children died DIED!!!!!!

  • No it really happened, however, it could have been that the shooter was under some sort of mind control. Could be MKULTRA. But the shooting was not faked, it was set up, but not faked.

  • If you want to say it was exploited by those who seek more gun legislation, fine. Both sides of the debate are happy to politicize the event. But of course it was not faked!

  • of course not this was an unfortunate event of a national criminal ruining the lives of children and families it is not a faked event as huge responses will be from the public

  • Frankly, I think it is disturbing for someone to even consider that.

    Posted by: areese
  • It was on the news and obama talked about it,those who say it was fake are really some dumb people for saying its not real.

  • How dense can you be?

  • You'd have to be crazy or a Republican to think that

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Nyx999 says2013-09-04T20:06:17.8389898-05:00
Oops sorry I meant to say everything instead of everyting.
Solomon_Orlando says2013-09-04T20:06:51.2236318-05:00
You're right, not everything is hoax - but there is sufficient proof to prove that Sandy Hook was staged.
Nyx999 says2013-09-04T20:07:19.8243732-05:00
Like what?
Solomon_Orlando says2013-09-04T20:16:59.7133333-05:00
Aerial view cameras showing the people, victims, police, and trucks already at the scene before the shooting started. Most of the people that did interviews were known "crisis actors" that are used to simulate what would happen IF something like that were to happen. Kaitlyn Roig, the teacher that saved 15 in the shooting is also a known crisis actress by the name of: Rebeka Fernandez. There was also a child in some of the pictures they showed online. This young girl's name is Emile Parker and she was one of the children 'killed' in the shooting. At the memorial, when Obama had visited the children involved, there Emile Parker was in the same dress she was "shot" in - hugging Obama. Not to mention, the father of Emile Parker was supposed to make a statement on the news and the camera rolled a bit too soon, before he could approach the podium for his address. He came out of the building snickering and with a laugh on his face, then he immediately soured up and started to talk about his daughter Emile. Plus: no surveillance footage, no tears, no injured, no 'assault rifles', no eye-witnesses, and no real evidence that this event actually happened instead of biased news crews talking about the damn gun in the trunk of "his" car. There is more evidence proving that this whole thing was set-up than there is saying it was real. Nothing adds up.
Nyx999 says2013-09-04T20:19:36.6055504-05:00
And your sources?
Solomon_Orlando says2013-09-04T20:25:17.4796758-05:00
Myself? - I've seen the pictures with my own eyes. I went on the news as soon as it happened, I watched every news station covering it - I looked up all the information on this myself and looked at the pictures of Emile, crisis actors, etc. It's just critical thinking. I don't need sources, however, if you want to get more information on it. Just look at all the news stations, write down some notes, and try piecing it together. I guarantee you'll agree with me after you look at the pictures, news articles, etc.. CNN: http://www.Cnn.Com/interactive/2012/12/us/sandy-hook-timeline/index.Html Wiki: http://en.Wikipedia.Org/wiki/Sandy_Hook_Elementary_School_shooting Actors: http://1079ishot.Com/crisis-actors-sandy-hook-shooting/ Emile: http://beforeitsnews.Com/opinion-conservative/2013/01/sandy-hook-the-curious-case-of-emilie-parker-2558804.Html
Solomon_Orlando says2013-09-04T20:25:41.3949357-05:00
Sorry that it makes it all one, big paragraph. It does that automatically - even if I space it.
Solomon_Orlando says2013-09-04T20:27:07.4230198-05:00
Also, this is the father of Emile Parker: http://www.Youtube.Com/watch?Feature=player_embedded&v=KkCB2Ee9cqw
Mikal says2013-09-04T20:35:22.1653859-05:00
It is highly improbable. It was a bad time, bad situation type of thing and the government exploited it to meet their agenda.
Nyx999 says2013-09-04T20:37:38.2835515-05:00
Ok, as for the CNN stuff, there's no actual proof in there that any of it was made up, it's all just accounts from people, people we have no reason not to trust. Wikipedia isn't a viable source. The third source is a radio station, and if you actuall looked at the text, you would see that the article is actually arguing that they AREN'T actors. URL for the fourth source didn't work. So far, I'm not seeing ANY proof for what you ar claiming.
Nyx999 says2013-09-04T20:39:29.7944959-05:00
And just because the father was laughing doesn't mean that it was a hoax. Maybe he is just a horrible person.
Solomon_Orlando says2013-09-05T02:09:03.0187429-05:00
I said that I didn't need sources and just gave you information to appease you. ...And, he lost his daughter. You cannot be THAT horrible of a person to laugh at your child's death.
Nyx999 says2013-09-05T18:28:14.7990423-05:00
So you DON'T have any sources? No proof? Oh and Solomon, people can be really horrible, don't underestimate humanity.
truther1111 says2013-09-06T00:27:56.7365195-05:00
Who cares if theres sources, it most often happens in the USA courtesy of the illuminati and mk ultra
Solomon_Orlando says2013-09-06T01:53:53.7128680-05:00
I didn't need sources because I used critically thinking to spot the errors myself. You want a source, Nyx: Myself.
PotBelliedGeek says2013-12-02T20:09:34.4732227-06:00
You would be totally trashed in a debate on this solomon.
Dilara says2014-05-10T09:00:14.2776473-05:00
Of course it was. Look up top ten reasons why sandy hook was a elaborate hoax on google and click on the article by veterans today.Com. There were tweets that went out days before the event. There was a Facebook page "R.I.P Victoria soto" set up on December 10 4 days before (they have taken it off Facebook but if you lookup "Vicky soto Facebook page December 10 on images you'll see it) the newtown bee published an article on the 13th-1 day before where it interviewed dawn hochsprung about the shooting- the principle who was supposedly shot. If you look up sandy hook hoax on images you'll see a picture of gene rosen in front of a "everyone must check in sign". There was a guy in the woods outside where Adam parked his car and entered the school saying "I didn't do it" before anyone knew what happened. Sandy hook was a hoax set up to promote gun control. Look at veterans today.Com top ten reasons why sandy hook was an elaborate hoax. I'll be happy to debate with anyone on this topic.
AnonymousAthiest says2014-11-03T10:47:47.6579720-06:00
Who's the guiltiest here? The kid's mom! She kept around an ASSAULT WEAPON, knowing her child was mentally ill and a potential threat to others.

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