• It is Fair. Germany got what they deserved.

  • No, it is unfair. Germany shouldn't take full blame. It is all of our faults. If we never had,had those alliances, World War 1 would have been a small border conflict between Austria-Hungary and Serbia

12% 4 votes
88% 29 votes
  • It is their fault, for the Treaty of Versialle was just a rule book to see whether Germany were to try to fight back and in which case they did and if it werent for it, Germany would most likely be alot more stronger than they were during WW2

  • An armistice for 20 years.

  • Europe screwed over Germany for a war they were ALL partially responsible for. It's not like WW2 where there was a clear good and evil side; in WW1, all the European powers behaved out of pure selfishness and imperialism.

  • we all played our parts and germany were not the party that siad lets start a war

  • It was whomever assassinated the dukes fault because Germany just was pulled in because of treaties

  • http://www.debate.org/debates/The-Treaty-of-Versailles-Was-Unjust/1/

    Posted by: bsh1
  • The Treaty of Versailles essentially caused WW2. Hitler wanted revenge for the Treaty of Versailles.

  • Yeah. Maybe we were a little too hard on Germany...

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