Was Trump right on striking Syria?

Posted by: fabiopavan

Was Donald J. Trump right on striking Syria, after chemical attacks?

  • He was right.

  • He was wrong.

54% 31 votes
46% 26 votes
  • While it is wrong to randomly go in and bomb other countries. CONTEXT MATTERS!!! While some innocents were caught in the explosions, it is important to note that every military conflict will always have a chance of civilian causalities. Syria did have illegal chemical weapons and were actively using them. We had already tried under the Obama administration to remove such weapons through "peace talks" in which it failed. We had already tried a diplomatic strategy and simply didn't work. When the USA entered the Middle East, we made promises to people. These same people are now being gunned down on the streets and gassed to death. The US has an obligation to fulfill our promises. This act also sends a message to other hostile countries about USA's willingness to act once again. If, North Korea knows that the USA might actually use military force, they might think twice before shooting off another missile into Japanese and South Korean territory. This act didn't really inflame any country in the Middle East. The Arab world has already set their minds on destroying the West. If we had used another diplomatic peace talk rather than taking action, there might be a chance that we might embolden such anti-American sentiments. A display of power does more than a display of weakness.

    Posted by: qwzx
  • The leader of Syria is killing its own citizens and all Trump did was target the Jihadists.

  • Striking Bashar Al-Assad's forces for his chemical attacks on innocent people was the right call to make. These weapons have been outlawed by the global community and Al-Assad must cooperate with the international rules and norms of armed conflict; if he doesn't and if he persist in using these horrific weapons, he needs to be removed from power by all means necessary.

  • We need a president who will actually stick to the threats he makes. Obama had threatened Syria years ago that if they used chemical weapons (on their own people) then he would take action, yet when confronted on the subject Obama simply says he's going to "negotiate", yet nothing ever happened. To sum it up, we need a president that has balls, to prove to the world we're not "candy asses" and are not to be taken lightly or as a joke, that we are a world super power that needs to be reckoned with.

  • Assad is a war criminal. He gassed babies .

  • he did the right thing, using chemicals in war is against the Geneva Convention.

  • Those terrorist f**kers need to all die.

  • Non-Interventionism

  • I think Donald Trump was wrong in striking Syria, first because it's just wrong, period., to go into other countries and bomb them, and either cripple or kill innocent people. Secondly, it was extremely arrogant of Donald Trump to just think that he could go in there with impunity and strike at Syria because it will only inflame the Arab world. Thirdly, many people will begin to hate the United States, and the West, generally, even more.

    Posted by: mplo
  • because he was not approved by congress or any one else

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TheMarketLibertarian says2017-04-09T02:03:53.7146162Z
GeneP says2017-04-10T08:29:32.5016567Z
I'm sorry, but he didn't 'cripple or kill innocent people'. He struck a military base that was being used to fly out chemicals being used on innocent people. And it won't 'inflame the Arab world'. It may inflame Assad and his supporters, but most of the Arab world understands that using chemical weapons is against every war agreement that has ever been signed . It was a single strike. We already have boots on the ground there and he had every right as Commander in Chief to approve a single strike (or more) if for no other reason than it is part of our efforts to stop Assad's blatant use of force against his own peopl, and to support our own troops. It wasn't a declaration of war, so there was no need for Congressional approval. It was an act by the Commander in Chief in support of our effort and troops. Assad broke any agreement that was made under obama concerning the use of weapons of mass destruction, specifically chemical warfare. Once an agreement is broken and innocent people, esp. Children, die, then he has every right and responsibility to respond. People hate the US already. We can't stand as a country out of fear that someone will have negative emotions about us any more than a company can run on emotions. We have to be decisive in what is going to protect us as a nation, protect our ideas and ideals, and support peace and justice within our Constitutional bounds. He did just that.
The_Beyonder says2017-04-10T13:08:43.3967667Z
LMAO!!!!!! Syria is killing its own people, INNOCENT PEOPLE!! And Donald trump just stopped them from doing it.
DrCereal says2017-04-20T17:44:01.2982801Z
@The_Beyonder. No, he did not.

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