Weekly Faceoff#1: Who was the better leader?

Posted by: Maximusprime7

Welcome to week 1 of my faceoff series! Come back every mon to see the latest and greatest faceoff! Post recommendations in the previous weeks comments! If i use your suggestions, you will recieve a shoutout that week.

  • Joseph Stalin

  • Winston Churchill

43% 6 votes
57% 8 votes
  • When you're Russian for food, there's no time for Stalin.

  • Stalin established the Gulags, so he's automatically disqualified for me. My cat Stalin was also misbehaved.

  • Brutal dictator, who killed millions or man who stopped a man who killed millions obvious choice.

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Wylted says2015-06-02T14:51:08.5428474-05:00
If Churchill wasn't such a wimp WWII would've been avoided.
Wylted says2015-06-02T14:54:11.3464623-05:00
Stalin was a lion leading a nation of sheep and Churchill was a sheep leading a nation of lions.
Maximusprime7 says2015-06-02T23:14:09.9005149-05:00
Any suggestions for next monday?

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