Were the decolonisation efforts too hasty?

Posted by: Gareth_BM

Do you think that the decolonisation done by the powerful europien empires was done too fast and in an ideal world where the empires had suffient resources they should have decolonised slowly and carefully?

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If the efforts were slowed down more effort could be put into sorting out the problems that had arose during their colonisation and pre-existing ones such as the caste system in the British Raj (Indian sub continent under British rule) and establish... ing more stable and democratic governments in the middle east by introducing democracy steadily with, first unelected local rulers helping europium governors, then democratically elected ruler, then almost completely independent governments and finally fully autonomous elected government. They should also have set up more schools and skilled industries before leaving to help create independent economies. A slower decolonisation would have also created more natural boarders and countries   more
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So would say Europeans caused as many problems as they solved, a rapid road to independence might have allowed colonies to solve their own problems without intervention with their freedom to do so being unhampered. Their freedom to do it their self ... is more important than success   more
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