• Mississippi

  • Detriot

65% 17 votes
35% 9 votes
  • If its Southern its good!

  • It is soothing and quiet while with detroit it is basically heck

  • Assuming that Detroit refers to the inner city.

  • Better in a place that isn't as infamous as Detroit.

  • Mississippi really isn't that bad of a place to live. The cost of living there is the lowest in the country. There is a lot of crime though, but if you mind your own business you should be alright. Land is really cheap, you can buy 20 acres of land for a spankin' deal. There is also a pretty cool town right by the coast named biloxi.

  • Detroit is one of the happiest places alive without us in Detroit no one in the world would be happy

  • In the suburbs, sure. I'm not a fan of hot weather, and I'm not a fan of bullets in my back.

  • Detroit real estate is growing in price, especially with the new casino district they're building. It really isn't that bad of a place, but your average water front city that hit some economic hardship under a corrupt mayor.

  • I cant stand the heat, rather have 4 seasons and cooler weather. So Detroit.

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