• Yes

  • No

58% 21 votes
42% 15 votes
  • Deeply concerned for the intelligence of those who arent against it...

  • I was a total misallocation of funds, it hurt the working people and show how the government needs to be revamped and held accountable for it's actions

  • The Tea Party wanted to shut down the gummint because it was becoming too powerful, which is why they didn't shut it down during the Iraq War, the Iran-Contra Affair, Operation Just Cause, the Iraqi Sanctions, McCarthyism and all the other incidents of big government conservatism.

  • The shut-down was simply a tantrum by extremist members of a political party that couldn't force their opinions on the rest of the country. It served no legitimate purpose.

  • Is the government flawed? no questions asked. Is such a drastic measure required for it? no. There was no need to shut down the government to accomplish goals that were not going to be accomplished.

    Posted by: Mr.Ri
  • it does..TO A POINT. we can't get rid of the government absolutely

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yay842 says2013-11-14T19:05:45.9192771-06:00
Whoever can guess when the FBI come crashing down my door wins $10k
ianspigler says2013-12-13T16:35:40.6086319-06:00
The republican justification for the government shutdown was that we needed to reign in our national debt, but the national debt is a GOOD THING. Because: when the government borrows money it operates aganist the business cycle meaning that while local and state government agencies shut down or lay people off during a recession, when the federal government burrows money federal agencies run smoothly even during a recession (which is a good thing, government running smoothly, ast time i checked.) now, i agree the debt is too large but, we can slove it without a government shutdown!
passthesugar05 says2013-12-16T11:38:47.8784821-06:00
^this is totally wrong, government creates the wild boom-bust cycle through its monetary/credit inflation, allowing fractional reserve banking, and setting artificially low interest rates, then when there is malinvestment because of this and the economy tries to cure the imbalances government intervention in this process actually makes it worse
theta_pinch says2014-01-05T14:32:27.8529811-06:00
@ianspigler the national debt is 16 trillion dollars; it is virtually impossible to pay that much; in fact there aren't even enough trees to make paper for the dollars needed; and that's in 100 DOLLAR BILLS! The debt is not going to be solved. By the way the justification was to force the senate and president to destroy "obamacare" before it started. Then when they couldn't get that they decided to try and force a compromise on the debt CEILING.

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