• Werewolves

  • Vampires

87% 20 votes
13% 3 votes
  • Werewolves in comparison to Vampires tend to have less overall weaknesses. Their ability to operate completely during the daylight hours gives them the edge in turning the tide should they wage war. Even if they can't change until specific times they can still flush out vamps by revealing them to human authorities during the day.

  • Werewolves unlike vampires have very exploitable weaknesses not going in daylight gives werewolves a huge advantage when preparing and vampires have way more weaknesses then vampires, while wolves have one And that one weakness applies to vamps to so it would be a risk for the vamps to carry it. And if all shit hits the fan and wolves start losing then they go to there homes or cave and guess what vamps can only enter homes with permission from someone with authority in the house like a parent and I know wolves will not let any fucking vamps in his home

  • werewolfs kills vampires.

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Mathgeekjoe says2015-04-22T16:13:30.9994112-05:00
"Vampires vs Today's cops. How many cops carry stakes?" I wonder how many cops would carry stakes if there was vampires? My guess would be a lot.

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