What adds more drama to a story.....

Posted by: Jerald123

Darth Vader vs Zuko

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A hero joining the dark side.

9 votes

A villain turned good.

3 votes
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Jerald123 says2014-08-09T23:47:46.7687663-05:00
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lifemeansevolutionisgood says2014-08-10T09:48:58.4965410-05:00
A story where you find out that the hero is actually evil and the villain was a good guy trying to stop the false hero.
Cassie412 says2014-08-10T11:09:26.1827460-05:00
Have you ever read "Miss Hinch?" It's like that.
PetersSmith says2014-08-10T12:15:45.5014543-05:00
A story that has a villain that turns out to be a pawn for another character that is not who they said they are. It's like a mentor that everyone looked up to and followed their command until they suddenly reveal that they are in fact the main antagonist of the story. It's like the ultimate plot twist.

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