What age do I look? (I'm the short girl) xD

Posted by: xxslightlypsychoticxx

I'm curious.

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xxslightlypsychoticxx says2015-03-13T20:32:30.3896796-05:00
@reece are you preferring to the tall one?
reece says2015-03-13T20:35:27.4036947-05:00
No comment...
xxslightlypsychoticxx says2015-03-13T20:36:26.9553273-05:00
@reece you're kind of an inconsiderate jerk, are you?
reece says2015-03-13T20:37:13.0741101-05:00
What ever helps you sleep at night.
xxslightlypsychoticxx says2015-03-13T20:39:16.0650646-05:00
@reece well then. Unfortunately for you, no foul done. It's quite obvious you like to hate on people.
reece says2015-03-13T20:42:14.5815974-05:00
Do i?
PetersSmith says2015-03-13T20:43:31.5019224-05:00
Xxslightlypsychoticxx: He also sexually harasses people, so it's best to stay away from him. He enjoys when people take notice of him as well.
xxslightlypsychoticxx says2015-03-13T20:44:43.9131249-05:00
@reece you did say "that's a girl?" And "whatever lets you sleep at night." Don't you realize how insulting that is? Some people are incredibly insecure and not lucky for you, I can handle criticism. No foul done. I'm just irritated that you'd be so inconsiderate.
reece says2015-03-13T20:47:16.3869838-05:00
@xxslightlypsychoticxx PetersSmith insults people too, her words are worth nothing.
ClashnBoom says2015-03-13T20:48:42.2439858-05:00
Xxslightlypsychoitcxx Are trying to look old or young cause your profile says your 14.
Varrack says2015-03-13T20:49:04.6325600-05:00
Well, it's the Internet. People are jerks all the time, unfortunately.
heil9 says2015-03-13T20:50:34.3817670-05:00
The biggest misconception is that Hitler is a jerk. I have many reasons to believe him to be a great man
reece says2015-03-13T20:51:15.8793630-05:00
@Varrack thank you. At least someone has some common sense in this particular subject.
Varrack says2015-03-13T20:51:19.9823208-05:00
Go away heil.
Vox_Veritas says2015-03-13T20:54:46.5080920-05:00
If you look closely, one is able to determine that the person on the left is a girl. Anyway, I really don't know what age you look. Sorry.
xxslightlypsychoticxx says2015-03-13T20:55:47.1101812-05:00
@Vox_Veritas Do I look like a boy? :/
Vox_Veritas says2015-03-13T20:56:52.7631210-05:00
Very mildly. The picture seems very slightly distorted, but I guess that can't be helped.
Vox_Veritas says2015-03-13T20:58:29.6657298-05:00
I'm not trying to insult you or anything. Please understand that.
reece says2015-03-13T20:58:49.4770912-05:00
@xxslightlypsychoticxx OMG. Okay calm down. You're only 14. You have some years to go...
xxslightlypsychoticxx says2015-03-13T21:03:27.7925032-05:00
@reece I am totally and completely calm. Maybe, you should calm yourself before being a hypocrite. A few more years until what exactly?
reece says2015-03-13T21:05:45.6970995-05:00
@xxslightlypsychoticxx If you wanna get into a debate, fine. How would i be a hypocrite? Until most likely you start dating/dating more.
Stefy says2015-03-13T21:13:06.7888828-05:00
You know reece i bet your not a hypocrite because im sure that YOU look like a total movie star. And by the way xxslightlypsychoticxx you look about 13 or 14 and its obvious your a girl (you have really pretty hair by the way, mine is always flat) and people are complete attention craving insecure jerks to you.
reece says2015-03-13T21:14:07.8037451-05:00
@Stefy I never said i was or wasn't.
MyDinosaurHands says2015-03-13T21:39:17.5635246-05:00
Dear slightlypsychotic. Our little community does not usually act this sh*tty.
xxslightlypsychoticxx says2015-03-13T21:41:20.7195061-05:00
@dinosaurhands I'm well aware. I've had an account for about two months.
reece says2015-03-13T21:41:22.2950758-05:00
@MyDinosaurHands To find private messaging you need to go into the profile of the person you want to send the message too.
YamaVonKarma says2015-03-13T21:42:37.9248635-05:00
I can't tell if it's a boy or girl, as I can't fully see this tiny picture.
Varrack says2015-03-13T21:42:57.7964392-05:00
Since you're asking for feedback on yourself, I don't think you can trust that all of it will be positive. Some people just like to insult.
YamaVonKarma says2015-03-13T21:43:48.1054717-05:00
It's an insult to look like a boy now?
xxslightlypsychoticxx says2015-03-13T21:56:12.1175635-05:00
@yamavoncarma only if you are a girl who wants to look like a girl, it is.
Shield says2015-03-13T22:34:04.2858344-05:00
Reece does look like a movie star. And he also dances. So...
Famine says2015-03-13T22:34:21.4047379-05:00
That's a boy.
Shield says2015-03-13T22:35:30.2998405-05:00
Yama. Yama yama.
Shield says2015-03-13T22:38:35.1182587-05:00
And xspx, you obviously look like a girl. Ignore Famine. He's just famined. His vision is blurred. He needs food.
reece says2015-03-13T22:38:46.7556349-05:00
@Shield Nope. I'm the ugliest m@fo here. If anyone's uglier than me, ill stab the b!1ch.
Shield says2015-03-13T22:40:14.7865370-05:00
The spartans threw away ugly babies. They shouldve just handed them to you for stabbing.
reece says2015-03-13T22:44:36.1733152-05:00
@Shield now that i come to think of it, i do need a few knife holders.
Diqiucun_Cunmin says2015-03-13T22:46:58.1773843-05:00
@Shield: Considering that Yama rules over the underworld, you should probably be careful when you say his name :P
reece says2015-03-13T22:48:43.6625557-05:00
What if i close my eyes and shout out Yama 3x in mirror at midnight. What will happen?
Miss_Persistent says2015-03-14T03:01:19.7494490-05:00
Not to be mean but TBH I thought were you like a guy and was gonna post it u were and saw the other comments.... Not trying to be mean but just saying I can't see picture because it's sooo zoomed out so I'm just at a "meh" right now.
Shield says2015-03-14T05:00:51.6271656-05:00
Yama's little cutie pie.
Shield says2015-03-14T05:01:46.3427689-05:00
Reece, every knife deserves a sheathe.
Tumblrnatic says2015-03-14T08:58:36.5293029-05:00
@peterssmith he doesn't sexually harass people. And people should get on and answer the poll and not bother random sleep deprived people
Shield says2015-03-14T13:57:00.0169649-05:00
Well I mean, he has...
reece says2015-03-15T19:59:33.0817500-05:00
I told Tumblrnatic,
I_DONT_CARE says2015-03-17T13:36:48.2814520-05:00
"That's a girl?"
xxslightlypsychoticxx says2015-03-21T00:31:47.3581062-05:00
@idontcare why the quotation marks? I just don't have time for this. If you're going to copy everyone else... Just don't, okay? Get your own material if you want make people feel worse than they already do.
reece says2015-03-21T00:40:08.1344076-05:00
@xxslightlypsychoticxx Okay i reported myself. Are you happy?
Jesusorgy96 says2015-06-11T12:59:47.1479644-05:00
Shane Dawson though, you're lucky!
Tada says2017-07-23T03:16:27.9715523Z
U look 81....

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