68 Total Votes

16 plus

16 seems like a good time.
19 votes

Only after you are married (any age)

Because... God?
15 votes

Puberty (13-16ish)

If there is grass on the playing field, play ball?
15 votes

18 plus

Wait until you are out of highschool, what is collage for!
9 votes
1 comment

21 plus

If you can drink in the states you can do it!
5 votes

Any age you want too

Who cares about age or puberty, its ok as long as its consensual.
4 votes
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Its a tarp!
1 vote
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Atheist-Independent says2015-07-29T18:54:02.4893249Z
Man I hate those tarps, the catch me every time.
Emilrose says2015-07-29T14:04:10.0373656-05:00
I once knew a brother and sister that had sex with each other, she was like 5 and he was 8...True story.
o0jeannie0o says2015-07-29T19:23:34.0054807Z
Happens more then you think, yea i spelt tarp on purpose, im not sure if thats a real joke or just something we say in my house lol
o0jeannie0o says2015-07-29T14:26:12.0434800-05:00
Oh apparently its a real joke! Google "its a tarp!"
Emilrose says2015-07-29T19:48:32.0986838Z
It certainly does...And lol ;D
reece says2015-07-30T02:21:57.8276815Z
@mwedwards Come back to reality. People are going to have sex with each other whether you like it or not. My x and i used to do it like they did it on discovery channel. But seriously, we had sex at least 3 times a day for up to about 5-6 months without condoms (she had a rod.) Not once did i catch an STI. We need to teach teens to wear condoms if their going to sleep with different people often (if we're just focusing on preventing STI's)
mwedwards says2015-07-30T02:33:45.8807691Z
@reece: Geez man, TMI. Now reece, in your *cough cough* "relationship" did your ex or yourself ever have intercourse with anyone else during or prior to you both hooking up?
TBR says2015-07-30T05:10:00.6710946Z
"proper age'“ is tough. I voted 16, that's when I did, but the thing is, I was ready, my girlfriend was ready, we were mature about it, and it all worked out well. That is not the case every time, and the cases where that age is 'too you g' might be more than 'the right time'.
Atheist-Independent says2015-07-30T15:17:33.5840694Z
Oh the things the internet does... XD
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-07-30T20:17:06.7199439Z
You cant fully understand the consequences of it until you are old enough to have something to lose. Under your parents roof, under the shield of being a minor, is not the right place to be making those decisions. They are lasting enough that you should be a full fledged adult making them and not still be considered a child.
John55555 says2015-08-14T06:46:37.4793821Z
I'm not going to vote because my opinions are different. Morally, I said waiting until marriage is the best thing to do, or at least dating, but only after 18 years. Legally, people should be allowed to have sex whenever as long as both (or all three, threesomes happen) parties consent. But for me, I don't wanna get herpes. Because, you know, it's a tarp.
ProfessorTariqNusierPhD says2015-11-05T22:41:58.0542913Z
Have sex when you are 69 years old

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