What are you really? (Need to watch video in description)

Posted by: Futurepresident2048

http://youtu.be/4FHoowXS4j4 (Watch Video to make correct choice) I see too many people saying their a certain ideology yet they got it wrong.

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briantheliberal says2015-04-04T20:47:08.5922515-05:00
I am a progressive liberal. The only group actually geared towards social, political, and economic progress in society.
komododragon8 says2015-04-04T20:47:56.6932852-05:00
Lol despotism has a communist symbol it it.
Futurepresident2048 says2015-04-04T20:49:49.7603851-05:00
Cause communism can be despotism in some extreme cases. And briantheliberal, a progressive liberal isn't actuslly about progress in society, any ideology can support that. The differences are how much government should be in control.
tajshar2k says2015-04-04T20:49:54.2116834-05:00
Video Unavailable.
Futurepresident2048 says2015-04-04T20:51:25.5953118-05:00
Type in political systems on YouTube
triangle.128k says2015-04-04T20:58:48.7856298-05:00
Futurepresident2048, Care to explain how I'm not a libertarian? Like you mentioned earlier.
Futurepresident2048 says2015-04-04T20:59:54.3203896-05:00
@triangle.128k, do you believe in total freedom except when it comes to harming others?
triangle.128k says2015-04-04T21:01:33.1451226-05:00
Yeah, I believe in freedom as long as if it doesn't harm other people or society itself.
Futurepresident2048 says2015-04-04T21:02:40.4582596-05:00
My apologies then.
Futurepresident2048 says2015-04-04T21:06:36.1400380-05:00
Just a lot of people who don't actually know the root definition of these ideologies like Briantheliberal
Dilara says2015-04-04T21:10:39.7309150-05:00
Futurepresident2048 says2015-04-04T21:14:31.2443993-05:00
The problem with independent is that it's not possible, you cant have parts of every ideology. Now if your in between the statism of liberalism, communism, and despotism and the individualism of conservatism, libertarianism, and anarchism then you are a moderate. Independent is to vague.
Welliss says2015-04-04T21:36:53.0019446-05:00
I'm mostly Green (which isn't on the list sadly :[ ) however i do like some of the other parties views. I'm not strictly one party and a great political test i found is Isidewith.Com
Texas14 says2015-04-04T22:29:41.7828937-05:00
@briantheliberal, that's a little odd considering progressives tend to run away from their own ideals like universal healthcare. And how is redistribution economic progress?
Futurepresident2048 says2015-04-04T23:16:43.2966704-05:00
@wellis, this is a ideology poll, the Green Party is of progressive/liberal ideology
Futurepresident2048 says2015-04-04T23:17:30.7726880-05:00
Parties and ideologies are different, a party is like a tent for a bunch of similar ideologies. Like the republican party houses conservatives and libertarians
briantheliberal says2015-04-05T12:37:40.1033473-05:00
Texas14, that's nothing more than your own generalization. I stand by my support for universal healthcare and social programs.
Texas14 says2015-04-05T13:18:04.3872585-05:00
Ok, but you said that progressives are the only group that supports those things. Maybe not yourself, but the group tends to run away from those things do they not?
briantheliberal says2015-04-05T13:22:47.4936811-05:00
I never said progressives were the ONLY people to support universal healthcare or social programs. And it doesn't matter to me what other people run away from. I am a progressive and I stand by my views. Conservatives also run away from all of their views when they finally decide to get on the right side of history.
Texas14 says2015-04-05T14:03:02.2218548-05:00
Ending the Cold War isn't on the right side of history?
CyberConor says2015-04-10T10:56:06.2058280-05:00
Briantheliberal, stop being a welfare bum that works and a fast food restaurant. If your so progressive, be progressive and actually study and support yourself.

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