What are your thought of an idea of the North American Union (US and Canada? )

Posted by: Rudo_Halifax

https://www. Reddit. Com/r/AskACanadian/comments/dxch9o/what_are_your_thought_of_an_idea_of_the_north/

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Citizens from each country can freely travel without passport nor visa

With the US and Canada working together, It has created a society that is somewhat borderless for travel purposes. There are fewer checkpoints, Customs entry points, And other identification verification stops required when travelling from the US to...  Canada or Canada to the US. This allows for free travel within the continent for those who have applied for the appropriate identification   more
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Creates more jobs for the continent.

This combination of factors would lead to an internal single market where there would be a standardized system of laws which apply to each member state. It is a process which ensures the free movement of goods, Services, Capital, And people across t... he US and Canada. These activities generate employment opportunities that would not be there otherwise   more
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