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yay842 says2013-09-08T17:00:28.7065319-05:00
Neither came first, this is a trick question.
Juan_Pablo says2013-09-08T17:27:07.3784750-05:00
The egg came first. Chickens (a kind of bird) are descended from dinosaurs. Fossils show that dinosaurs laid eggs. Thus the egg came first.
yoyopizza says2013-09-08T18:51:41.1548184-05:00
Neither, this is a trick question. The first egg came from a chicken, because each animal is the same species as it's parent. However, the first chicken had to come from an egg. Trick question
Skeptikitten says2013-09-08T21:39:38.0310281-05:00
No, it isn't a trick question unless you don't understand biology. The egg as a reproductive mechanism far predates the species of chicken.
vortux says2013-09-09T09:42:26.5216112-05:00
If the question refers to the egg as a reproductive mechanism in general, the egg clearly came first. However, if it specifically refers to the chicken egg, then it is sort of a trick question. Actually answering the question would require some extremely specific arbitrary definitions of "chicken" and "chicken egg", and no useful information could ever be gleaned from answering this question.
emospongebob527 says2013-09-09T17:11:24.9001620-05:00
Anti-evolutionists be like; "Trick question, lol."
theargument says2013-09-12T13:31:43.3019308-05:00
GOD: Simultaneous creation... They'll never gonna figure this one out...
The_Mystery says2013-09-19T11:07:32.7890058-05:00
Obvious the Chicken came first THEN the egg. If you think about the logically then your idea of something like an egg popping out of nowhere is hilarious to me. Think Logically and it might save you your embarrassment.
yoyopizza says2013-09-19T19:04:19.0855723-05:00
The egg does predate the chicken, but I assumed we were talking about the chicken egg, in which case it is a trick question. The change of species is gradual, and there are grey lines, so there was no "first" chicken or "first" chicken egg.
Juan_Pablo says2013-10-15T18:00:12.7244860-05:00
Yoyo, in that case the egg would still come first because ultimately the "first chicken" would have been born with the correct genetic information to be a chicken. Such a chicken would have first developed in a chicken egg.
gotscience says2014-05-01T07:57:14.5357444-05:00
Shut up and eat your breakfast or you will be late for school.
Vajrasattva-LeRoy says2014-09-08T07:19:04.8716651-05:00
If you think logically you'll probably realize that neither could pop out of nowhere. Since both chickens & eggs exist, there must have been a first of each. Why assume that this is a trick question? Even if the process was long & slow, the idea that neither came first doesn't make sense. Which came first- the chicken or the fertilized chicken egg? It was the Rooster that came first- if the rooster hadn't come there wouldn't have been a fertilized egg.
NotU says2015-03-15T03:14:11.2207714-05:00
Two birds that weren’t really chickens created a chicken egg, and hence, we have an answer: The egg came first, and then it hatched a chicken. Read more:

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