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These are the Let’s Experience It All people. They have rich vivid imaginations and thrive, flourish, and grow when using their creative abilities. They’re known for creating innovative ideas and novel applications for existing products and services. They’re highly developed in their intuitive skills and would rather trust their hunches than follow their logic. They’re emotional, enthusiastic, passionate, fun loving and definitely march to their own drummer. Their primary purpose in life is to be a catalyst for change.



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These are the Just Get it Done people. What you see is what you get. Reds don’t leave you wondering what’s on their mind or what they expect of you. Black and white is the only way they see the world. They measure on the bottom line and are point A to point B people. They’re hard workers, dependable, decisive, assertive, and display strong leadership abilities. They need to be in the driver’s seat and in control.



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These are the Let’s Do It Better people. They’re visionaries who display strong leadership qualities. They’re deep thinkers whose primary purpose in life is to make a difference. Doing things the way they have always been done is not what drives the Yellow. They pride themselves on their problem solving skills and their hallmark is their competency and expertise. When others shy away from a challenge, the Yellow will take it on and find great pleasure in accomplishing what others cannot.



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These are the Let’s All Get Along people. Oranges are the caregivers and peacemakers. Caring for and about people is what gives meaning to their lives. They have a strong sense of community and need to be involved in activities that will enrich the lives of others. Oranges are devoted, kind, loyal, good listeners and socially responsible. They strive to create an atmosphere of harmony and cooperation.

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FIZBO says2014-08-07T13:11:12.2612458-05:00
I probably would have been red expect I don't see everything back and white.
Formerland1 says2014-08-07T13:24:35.0058829-05:00
What about blue
PetersSmith says2014-08-07T13:50:07.6956602-05:00
I'm fairly certain that I am Caucasian.
Preston says2014-08-07T13:50:58.5672482-05:00
Blue is just a lego, its not a type
seeli says2014-08-07T14:09:07.4932759-05:00
Funny PetersSmith. I love the people who are orange, though I've only met one person I consider orange.
FIZBO says2014-08-07T15:07:36.5311561-05:00
My brother would definitely be orange.

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