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It doesn't matter what color his skin was and it's entirely irrelevant and it's stupid to debate what color he was because it doesn't matter

Hint hint, wink wink. This is the right answer.
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He was brown

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He was yellow

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He was white

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He was black

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labarum says2014-05-22T17:22:35.8913093-05:00
Jesus was Jewish. Jews are famous for having pale white skin. And if you are going to paint a picture of Jesus in a church, perhaps it would be best that we at least try to draw what he looked like.
PeacefulChaos says2014-05-22T17:38:23.0855271-05:00
He was transparent.
labarum says2014-05-22T17:42:23.1142578-05:00
Not quite
briantheliberal says2014-05-22T18:17:11.4798297-05:00
Labarum, There are black, Middle Eastern, Asian and American Indian Jews, genius. Judaism is not an ethnicity, it's a religion. And Jesus was from the Middle East, which is NOT white European. Educate yourself.
hellakawaii says2014-05-22T19:15:59.9850032-05:00
Jesus was Jewish
labarum says2014-05-22T22:08:03.7321995-05:00
Brian, you obviously do not have a strong grasp on history or genetics. First off, the dark skinned people that we see in the eastern and somewhat less in the central part of the middle east today are called Arabs. Arabs before the 600's A.D. Were almost completely isolated on the Arabian peninsula. The upper middle east was mostly made up of Mediterraneans ( whites with very tan skin) Jews ( white) and Persians ( Pale brown) Geneticists agree that Jews are a race, link below. In the Bible and Torah it says that Jesus, his father, and his mother were Jewish. From this evidence we can see that Jesus was almost certainly white. Http://forward.Com/articles/155742/jews-are-a-race-genes-reveal/?P=all
briantheliberal says2014-05-22T23:30:46.3570089-05:00
No, Jewish is NOT an ethnicity, period. And assuming Jesus actually existed, he would be considered an Arab, not a white European. He was not from Europe, and he was describe to have dark skin and was born in the Middle East. Anyone can be Jewish, because it's a religion. Is Christianity an ethnicity? No, it's not and neither is Judaism. First you claim Jesus was white the you claim Jewish is a race. That is ridiculous.
labarum says2014-05-24T18:17:27.3502486-05:00
Dude I just provided you a source to prove that Jewish is not only a religion but also a race. This source was from results found by a geneticist. Also, most historians agree that Jesus did exist ( his divinity is disputed) Again, history shows that the Arabs did not inhabit the northern part of the middle east that they do today until the 600's when Muhammad started invading this is fact! In no were in the bible or Quran does it say that he had dark skin. I did not say Jesus was a white European, I simply said that he was white. One of his ancestors was Abraham whom was descended out of Mesopotamia. Jesus was a Middle Eastern white. Judaism is an ethnicity for those whom can trace back their lineage to the original tribes of Israel which has been proven by geneticists to be a race. You trying to refute empirical evidence is ridiculous.

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