What do you Americans think of the UK?

Posted by: Some_Guy_on_the_bus

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cyber_onions says2017-01-21T13:33:25.1373701Z
Not an American, but not from the UK either. I think the UK is pretty cool - you have castles, TATE modern and David Mitchell (the comedian, but I guess the author too?). Also your bookshops are real cheap. But then you also had Brexit, David pig-fucker Cameron, and the UKIP guy with the punchable face. So some bad with the good.
DanTheBoricua says2017-03-14T05:00:18.0334876Z
There's nothing much to hate about the UK at all. For me, it's just weird how your elections work, and why so many people voted to leave the European Union without knowing what it was about, like c'mon, only americans do that, stop trying to copy us.
Anonymous says2017-07-10T21:46:52.6543867Z
The UK is sister. Our mother, the first one to bring about the steps to freedom and the industrial revolution, in which the US joined and together we were a powerhouse. The US & Uk have been the twins bringing the world forward, the two leaders in western culture in things such as MUSIC (the UK has made probably the world's highest number of musical masterpieces).

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