What do you think about Marvel's decision to change Captian America and Thor?

Posted by: HammerPairUSMC

Marvel has announced Captian America will Change from actor Steve Rogers to Sam Wilson. Thor who is played by male Actor Chris Hemsworth will be changing to UNKOWN female Actress.

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Could we just create new Characters Equally cool without Change?

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I Do not like ths Change!

7 votes

Why Change Gender and Ethnicity of Characters created in the 1940's?

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I like this change!

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Who Cares i do not watch or read Comic novelties.

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This is a 'Progressive' attempt at Erasing White superheros.

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BblackkBbirdd says2014-07-21T10:50:11.9236919-05:00
Why did you write 'actor' when talking about Rogers and Wilson? Https://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=qGB7clDMWUc&list=UU228Y4vvOMPieeT_XYTbe-A
HammerPairUSMC says2014-07-21T11:02:02.0199576-05:00
I know it is just a Story Arc for Marvel but i think this is designed to generate controversy in the Media for hype advertising. When Hindsight is 20/20 it really does not matter who plays the role but I do not like the Changes. I would love seeing new characters created or a spin off from Falcon instead. After all these characters have been around roughly since the 1940's without change, so why now? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY Marvel why? LOL
HammerPairUSMC says2014-07-21T11:08:16.9808220-05:00
BblackkBbirdd, because they are both Actors are they not? I could not pull up your YouTube thread by the way.
shaddamcorrinoIV says2014-07-21T14:53:15.4897397-05:00
I could care less about Thor, they messed with Captain America, and I will never forgive Marvel for that.
shaddamcorrinoIV says2014-07-21T19:06:23.9817300-05:00
I mean I'm for gender and racial equality but,1) Captain America is too iconic of a character to change. 2) Having two superheros changed for gender and racial equality isn't going to do diddly-squat to the socioeconomic realities facing both groups, this is the least helpful way to promote equality. 3) If this is a P.R. By Marvel to get more readers, why don't they just pull a hitchcock and kill off the main characters resulting a second generation of supes? That would be far more interesting.
shaddamcorrinoIV says2014-07-21T19:07:47.5376616-05:00
I bet 5 bucks Megyn Kelly goes on a rant saying: "Captain America and Jesus are both white, it's a historical fact!"
Williwenba says2014-07-22T09:02:40.6624225-05:00
They should have made new superheroes instead.
Preston says2014-07-22T14:51:01.9308730-05:00
This is in the comics not the movies!
Preston says2014-07-22T14:51:14.3195277-05:00
This is in the comics not the movies! Silly!

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