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It should be 16

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It should be 12

7 votes

It should be 15

3 votes

Abolish age of consent

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It should be 18

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It should be 13

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It should be 10

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At any age who has reach puberty

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It should be 9

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It should be 14

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It should be 17

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It should be 11

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Mister_Man says2015-09-09T13:59:04.1755312Z
"Consent" to everything? Or sex withing the same age group? I think it should be whenever the person hits puberty (12ish) and the age range should stay within 2 years. When they're 16 they should be able to do whatever they want.
lordsidious says2015-09-09T14:18:23.6686259Z
Not really consent to everything.But i think age of consent should lowered to 12 to help in preventing teen pregnancy and STD's infection.However there should be an age difference in having sex with 12 or over.So as i suggest a 12 years old can have sex someone who is not more than 7 years older,13-16 can have sex with someone not more than 8 years older.Including a 17 years old can have sex with anyone with no restriction as although a 18 years old as well.I would considered 17 years old as an adult because they are very close similar to an 18 years old.
lordsidious says2015-09-09T14:20:08.2672343Z
Someone who is like 30-40 years old or even 25 should not be allowed to have sex with minor.
Hawlucha says2015-09-09T14:20:48.0006890Z
Lot of pedo-hebephiles voting for 12 and 13.
lordsidious says2015-09-09T14:22:04.2539778Z
Hahaha i am not a pedophile.
Hawlucha says2015-09-09T14:24:33.2661330Z
I wonder, did you use a picture of Senator Palpatine to enforce the creepy nature of your voting?
Reeseroni says2015-09-09T14:49:16.9961459Z
12 y/o children are children. The age of consent should not be lowered to pre-pub pre-teens. That is a strange time of many children's lives and this would only make it harder for them.
Forthelulz says2015-09-09T19:30:33.8546792Z
Can you add 9?
triangle.128k says2015-09-09T19:31:07.9625222Z
@Forthelulz WTF?
lordsidious says2015-09-10T00:13:19.0708770Z
Well children at 12/13 can consent in having sex.That's why in some place like mexico is 12,in spain is 13,phillipine is 12.
lordsidious says2015-09-10T00:16:05.6138119Z
A person whether can or cannot consent depend on 4 factors:1. Ability of making informed decision and consent,2.Understanding of sex nature,3.Ability of right to refuse of such act.4.Reach the general puberty age.Once people reach the puberty there body is physically mature ready for having sex.
lordsidious says2015-09-10T00:18:34.0303091Z
All these potential skills are combined together.That's why there is an age of consent to make sure if someone is mature enough for having sex.Age of consent vary different around the globe,but i recommend to lowered to 12.
lordsidious says2015-09-10T00:24:44.9736638Z
Perhaps there are other factors that determine the ability of consent in having sex.But these are just some few examples that i explain it to you guys.Of course there age of consent should never be lower than 12,and i wouldn't recommend it.That's why you rarely see any country that have age of consent lower than 12,minimum lowest age of consent is 12.
lordsidious says2015-09-10T00:25:38.9978490Z
Perhaps there are other factors that determine the ability of consent in having sex.But these are just some few examples that i explain it to you guys.Of course there age of consent should never be lower than 12,and i wouldn't recommend it.That's why you rarely see any country that have age of consent lower than 12,minimum lowest age of consent is 12.
stephannoi says2015-09-10T01:48:35.5376690Z
I agree with you.Also i would add other factor that determine ability of consent,that is such as ability to understand the consequence of such act that combined with ability of making informed decision.Once you can foresee or understand the consequence of such acts,you are able to make informed decision and consent as well.
countdooku says2015-09-10T02:01:49.4487549Z
What both lordsidious and stephannoi said is right.So basically a 9 years old cannot consent because their intelligent aren't really that far develop to make ability in consent of having sex.But i would say there shouldn't be any exemption age for someone who is under age of consent therefore i find it's stupid and nonsense how america apply romeo and juliet law,and romeo and juliet law should be abolish !!!!
countdooku says2015-09-10T02:03:29.2581947Z
Because someone who is under age of consent means they aren't legally to consent in having sex therefore it should remain illegal to have sex with them.
stephannoi says2015-09-10T02:17:05.1231034Z
Yes,american society is just crazy and idiotic.But fortunately not all states applied this stupid romeo and juliet law.For example wisconsin and california does not applied this law.And these states is one of the most reasonable and rational,as i see and agree.
lordsidious says2015-09-10T02:40:21.0156946Z
I love wisconsin.I have been there once and live there for 3 years.It's very cool.Yes it's obviously not okay that kids break the age of consent law.People should wait until they reach the age of consent so that they can legally have sex.
lordsidious says2015-09-10T02:42:05.8035814Z
I am against this stupid romeo and juliet exemption and hopefully in the future wisconsin would not accept this exemption.
lordsidious says2015-09-10T02:48:08.2008734Z
We have very high rate teen pregnancy and STD's infection here in america.
V5RED says2015-09-11T02:03:49.8917199Z
People do not all mature at the same rate, so it would seem that we would either need mental health professionals making assessments of people as they age to determine if they are ready for sex or we would need a cutoff that we can be relatively sure will encompass everyone. I cannot say with any certainty what that cutoff should be, but gun to my head I would guess 16.
countdooku says2015-09-11T03:01:58.6802490Z
Basically what you are saying is right.Not all children are immature some might develop mature faster than others.It does not depend on the individual age.
countdooku says2015-09-11T03:05:03.8257962Z
But i would say average person age that people are mature enough to take responsibility is at 12.So age of consent should be 12.
countdooku says2015-09-11T03:13:31.5096134Z
Basically what you are saying is right.Not all children are immature some might develop maturity faster than others it depend on how they are being raise up not on individual age.
countdooku says2015-09-11T03:43:12.4044762Z
I would recommend lower age of consent til 12.
countdooku says2015-09-11T03:46:19.2816678Z
Some children might have more social sense of making informed decision better than any other adult person.
countdooku says2015-09-11T03:49:47.6156738Z
While just because you turn to 18 or 19 age that doesn't mean you would be become mature all of the sudden.Because i know it from my experience many adult at age between 18-20 are still very immature and remain naive.
stephannoi says2015-09-13T01:44:08.5559145Z
@countdooku Yes you are right.A 18-19 can't make accurate and good decision like an 20 years old or over according to some scientific evidence.So basically 18-19 tend to make mistake frequently than an full grown up adults.
stephannoi says2015-09-13T01:49:01.3853916Z
So yes just because they reach age of majority ,they are nothing comparable to an full old grown up adults.
ghostrecon says2016-03-06T22:25:13.3067214Z
@ The law should be repealed because it´s not going to work any longer in the modern generation.Children should be provide a proper sex-education with an upgrade advance knowledge by not only teach them about reproduction but also how to make an informed consent without regarding for parents to make for them.Children should be taught how to be mature independently by their own.
ghostrecon says2016-03-06T22:38:32.6402453Z
Some children are curious about their sexuality and it´s an human norm for everyone to explore it.The law should not make a standard limit anything out of it because you are not going to experience sex at the same time.It vary different among individual and very depend upon the individual(not the age itself) whether they are ready yet for their first sexual encounter.
ghostrecon says2016-03-06T22:41:38.0942341Z
Some children start having sex at very young age and they may be some of them can make informed consent better than older one.
love3014 says2018-01-08T01:09:50.9455179Z
The age of consent should be 10-12 years.
love3014 says2018-01-08T01:11:02.1227792Z
The age of consent should be 10-12 years. Enough of age prejudice!

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